Ban on laser pointers: Should governments completely ban laser pointers?

  • Yes, they hurt people.

    Yes, governments should completely ban laser pointers, because they are only used to hurt people. Laser pointers are used to distract and hurt people who are trying to land planes. This is dangerous for a lot of people. There is not a lot of good that laser pointers do, so there is no reason to have them legal.

  • I don't see anything wrong with them

    Yeah, I know they can be used to do bad things, but then again, about anything can be used to do something it wasn't intended for. Usually, laser pointers are used for either educators or to play around with a cat. Of course, yes, you can hit someone in the eye and blind them, yeah, but you can still take a pencil and stab someone in the eye. Will the government outlaw pencils and pens?

  • Laser pointers are a non-issue

    What reasoning would anyone have for banning such non-threatening devices? Not only are they non-threatening, they are a valuable tool for educators and anyone who is doing a presentation for an audience. They are also a harmless tool. For what reason would anyone want to ban such things is beyond anyone with a sense of reality.

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