Ban on logging: Should governments prohibit logging?

  • Logging Should Stopped

    I think logging should be stopped because loggers hurt millions of animals and destroy the environment. This is bad news and without trees we might not be able to survive. I hate logging because animals are losing their homes and dying. The Earth should remain a healthy green planet and plants help survive. Trees help us survive because they give us oxygen (air), and we all need air to survive. You can't even go into space without a special helmet because there is no air up in space and the astronauts need the air to breathe and live. By the way, this text is by a fourth grader, Mia Lim, and my parents are Dr. Chung Lim and Jennifer Lim.

  • Logging Will Destroy Our Planet

    Did you know logging cause's global warming? Did you know that millions of animals die from logging everyday? Did you know that there are other ways to make pencils and paper? Did you know that logging has caused millions of humans deaths? Stop logging now, after time we will have no wood left and be forced to look for other ways of pencils and paper and such.

  • Logging is Bad for the Environment

    Did you know that in the Philippines & Thailand massive flooding, due to excessive logging, has killed hundreds of people. In fact in Oregon 1.8 million people that drink water are at a risk of swallowing herbicides. And don't even get me started on the amount of deaths logging has caused.

  • Logging is fine

    Logging is fine because algae produces more than 50% of the worlds oxygen. But I don't see anyone go around with signs with Save Algae. Its fine to cut down trees as long as we grow them back. This ridiculous tree worship needs to stop. Logging is extremely wonderful after all.

  • No, logging helps the world.

    No, governments should not prohibit logging, because there would be no pencils. We use wood for many things. There are farms just to grow trees to use for logging. We also use logs for furniture. Without logging, our furniture would be made out of plastic. Logging is a good thing, and we build tree farms to minimize impact on the environment.

  • Logging is a vital part of many economies

    Logging has been an industry for centuries. There are many people that would be out of jobs if logging were banned. A better solution would be regulating the industry. Protect the old growth forests in the world, and reforest after logging has been done. Banning logging would open illegal markets for wood, especially in third world nations.

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