Ban on minors using cell phones while driving: Should cell phone use by minors (16 to 18 in the United States) while driving be banned?

  • Texting while driving needs to be banned.

    Have you ever heard of any good coming of texting and driving? It usually ends badly. There is no reason for you to text and drive. If it is absolutely necessary, you can have someone else in the car send it for you, or you can pull over where you can't hurt anyone and send it.

  • Yes. Teens should not be talking and driving.

    Yes. A ban on minors using cell phones while driving makes great sense. There are new stories every day about a teenager who decided to send a text while driving, and subsequently had an awful accident which will affect them for the rest of their lives. We need to encourage them to put down their phones while they are driving.

  • Cell Phone use while driving should be banned for minors

    Yes, cellphone users should be banned for minors while they are driving. In fact, it should be banned for everyone. Cellphones provide far too much distraction when someone's full focus should be on the road. Cellphone usage while driving is thought to be involved in 23% of all recorded car accidents, so it's obvious that their usage must be controlled when someone is in control of a potentially dangerous car.

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