Ban on music that glorifies violence against women: Does music influence people and motivate them to act?

  • Music does influcene people

    Although music motivates people and influences their actions, it's difficult to ban certain types of music or ideas within music. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to think or say unpopular, violent and downright awful things. Music that glorifies violence against women does have negative influences on behavior, but ultimately the music isn't responsible for our actions, people are.

  • Music Expresses Ideas

    Music is one form of artistic expression that relates ideas in a populist setting. Music that glorifies violence against women does motivate people to act out against such music. I doubt it makes people act like they want to hit their wives or girlfriends, but it does make people think about why this kind of music is popular in the first place.

  • Music influences people and motivates them to act.

    A lot of people copy actions that they see in the media even if they are outrageous. Music that advocates violence towards women should be banned because it encourages people to abuse women. This kind of misogyny should not be tolerated. We all need to work together to stop domestic violence in America.

  • Violent Music Gives People Violent Feelings

    It is a well known fact that music can change the way you feel. Listening to violent music that implies hurting women would give a person feelings of violence towards women whether they realized it or not. They would start to become desensitized such acts, and possibly involuntarily find themselves disrespecting women. Any exposure to a certain stimulus for long enough will cause that person to act in a certain way. Listening to violent music is no different, and if a person hears it long enough, they will begin to act on it.

  • Peopld do things because they want

    No, I do not believe that music influences people to act violently or in any other way for that matter. Parents raise their children and foster their attitudes toward various things. Music is merely entertainment and should not be taken for reality. If a person is violent it is not because of a song he or she heard, it is because that is what they wanted to do. If this were the case, then everyone that listens to violent songs, watch violent (action) movies, and play video games would have acted violent toward others.

  • It does not.

    Banning music the glorifies violence against women is a stupid idea and music does not influence people and motivate them to act. People just want a scapegoat for when they do something wrong, and that is exactly what they are doing to music. If you act violently towards women or anyone else, it is your fault and you were not influenced by anyone.

  • Take Self Responsibility

    Music advocating for violence against women is offensive and made in poor taste. But those who make such terrible music have every right to do so under the first amendment to the United States constitution. Ultimately, the people who actually commit the violence are responsible for doing it, not the people who make the music.

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Dilara says2014-09-16T23:56:37.667
What about the black music that glorifies gang banging, sleeping with prostitutes and shooting random people.