Ban on music that glorifies violence against women: Is such music a form of hate speech?

  • No, They will still beat the women even if they ban the music.

    If they ban the music it wont stop anything or anyone from beating a women. I think it is wrong to hit women but it still happens. Who ever made the song probably doesn't like women or had a bad time with one(Not in the sexual way). Some men show ow tough they are. So they shouldn't ban the music they should not listen to it.

  • This is just wrong as fuck

    I fell like i highlighted my opinion in the title. People listen to this shit like yo beat up some women and the they go beaten up women. No like fuck no. Wtf. Why is this even a question? Dont beat up women. Seriously what the fuck i actually hate people right now

  • Yes, But Adults Should Ignore It

    Songs by hip hop groups such as 2 Live Crew are beyond coarse
    and vulgar. They are degrading to women, and to the people who sing
    them. However, songs like that are no longer popular. They were a
    phenomenon associated with the late nineteen-eighties and early
    nineties. Such nasty stuff probably is hate speech according to most
    definitions. However, that is now beside the point. Kids still listen to
    some violent and ugly music, but adults should not ban it, because
    that gives this junk the allure of forbidden fruit.

  • Banning Music Will Not Deter Violence Against Women

    Music that glorifies violence against women has been produced for quite awhile. But if the government is seeking to ban such music, then they would also have to ban music which promotes racial segregation and inequality and any other such music which demotes people. One would also have to consider Freedom of Speech in music, and whether or not banning such music would deter violence. I'd be interested in researching the correlation between listening to music which promotes violence against women and actual violent acts against women. This study would be wildly unethical, so it's probably best that if people want to produce music which promotes negative social interactions and violence, then let them, because others can choose to not listen to it.

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