Ban on Muslim burqa and niqab: Are burqas and niqabs detrimental to health?

  • Yes, They Are Detrimental to a Healthy Sex Life

    In my opinion, wearing a full-length burqa or niqab is extremely repressive towards women. They are put in place because men in the Middle-east are not conditioned to control themselves when they see any signs of femininity. Getting rid of them opens up human sexuality and does not make it some taboo thing. It makes sexuality more natural, just the way it should be.

  • Burqa, Niqab=Chastitiy, modesty

    Women cover themselves with burqa/niqab so that they can be identified as good, chaste, respectable women who are not interested in any kind of male attention and do not want any kind of flirting/harssment that they would face otherwise were they to be wearing tight, revealing clothes that beg for male attention.

  • Burqas and Niqabs - As dangerous as pants

    The French ban on burqas and niqabs is nothing more than updated Jim Crow laws for Muslim women. The idea that Muslim women are being oppressed by their clothing choice is absurd. The niqab is the Muslim equivalent to the Catholic nun garments. Covering of hair and dressing modestly isn't a sign of oppression but a sign of respect.

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