Ban on Muslim burqa and niqab: Do women not have a right to wear the burqa/niqab?

  • It is safety

    I don’t support a hijab ban but i support burqa and niqab ban as it is for security reasons. I’m Australian, and in Australia you can’t wear a motorbike helment in government buildings you can’t walk around naked, so what makes Muslims think they are above the law. #Burqaban #safetyfirst

  • Yes, there is no harm in it.

    Men would not want to be told what we can and can't wear - women, of all religions, should also be free to wear what they want. If women want to wear niqab they should not be forced to go without. These are the freedoms we value for everyone, please.

  • Religious freedom is basic

    This country decided in our earliest years that there would be no bar on the free expression of religion. Regardless of my strong feelings against the burqa as a tool to oppress women, if we suppress religious expression in one way, we will make the opportunity to suppress it in another way.

  • Follow France for a good reason - total ban please

    This is an insult to all the women who fought and are still fighting for equal rights. Our countries do not believe in this disgusting manner to consider women in our societies. The excuse of freedom of religious beliefs needs to be seen for what it is - just an excuse to imprison women. We need to stand up for our beliefs in our own countries and follow this through with bold actions, as did the French.

  • No, there is no harm in it.

    No, women do not, not have the right to wear the burqa or niqab, because it is an issue of basic freedom. Wearing a buqa or niqab is a basic thing to do. It does not mean that the woman wants to kill Christians or convert everyone to Islam. In most cases, it simply means the woman wants to live modestly. There is nothing wrong with that.

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