Ban on Muslim burqa and niqab: Does the burqa ban improve social strength?

  • Yes. Social strength is improved by banning the burqa and niqab.

    Yes. I think the burqa and niqab should be banned in countries where it makes logical sense. Women in traditional Muslim countries are sometimes treated without the respect they deserve, and they have no choice but to conform to the religious law, or be punished for it. A ban on these items would increase social strength in those nations by prompting the liberation of women who decide not to wear the traditional clothing. In countries where Islam is not the national religion, these items should be banned all together since they do not represent the majority of the national public interest.

  • A ban tells society that it is not acceptable

    Banning the burqa and niqab only tells society that these are not welcome in that society. Since these are very important in Islamic culture, this type of ban acts as a slap in the face of people of that culture and background. It tells the individuals that they are not welcome in that society unless they conform, even if it means sacrificing their sacred religious beliefs and principles.

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