Ban on Muslim burqa and niqab: Is burqa abusive (no) or does it help protect women (yes)?

  • The burqa is a lifestyle of Muslim women that may help protect women from domestic abuse.

    Its a tradition from centuries ago that women wear a burqa. Abuse of Muslim women does not circle around just one small article of clothing. I agree that women do has less to worry about if they decide to wear it. However, the issue abuse can be simply traced by studying Muslim lifestyle in the middle east. Women are treated like less than human an men are royalty.

  • Veils do not protect women.

    Veils such as the burqa and niqab are relics of primitive attitudes towards women that have no place in the modern world. To suggest women need 'protection' shows a certain diminutive regard for women in the first place, and if women were indeed need of protection, it would presumably be from men with undeveloped sexual attitudes who are incapable of controlling themselves. Restraints should be put on these individuals, rather than all woman-kind.

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