Ban on Muslim veils in France: Is it wrong to think that the French are being racist?

  • Yes it's wrong

    To label the French as racists for trying to protect their citizens from terrorists. Veils conceal, making it impossible for police, facial recognition software, or whatever they have in place, to detect and detain known terrorists. Something the terrorists are well aware of and are going to use to their advantage. The French, not being stupid, are also aware of this. Apparently it has gotten to the point where anyone with the audacity to try to protect themselves from murderous extremists are to be branded as racists. I don't care if it's racist or not, it's justified.

  • Yes, it is.

    It is a shame to see any country or person acting in a racist manner. It sets them back centuries and does not accomplish anything. If the French are being racist and discriminatory that it is not only wrong, but they are hurting themselves in the long run. Who knows what kind of awesome people they will be missing out on having the help of from doing that.

  • Banning veils is racist.

    A ban on Muslim veils is racist. A Muslim is still a Muslim and the same person with or without a veil. They either are or aren't a threat and a veil doesn't change that. Furthermore, they can use other things to cover the face, so it makes no sense. It's simply racist.

  • Well you can think they're racist, but that's your opinion and I respect it.

    I think that banning Muslims from wearing veils is not racist but sacrilegist (Please tell me if I'm mistaken.) I for one am a Christian and I don't believe that Islam is true, but I'm also willing to let Muslims wear what they want and respect their personal beliefs. Thank you and May Jesus bless you.

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