Ban on Muslim veils in France: Is the ban tolerant/respectful of the Muslim faith?

  • Your country your rule

    Opinions will not favor laws. If the law of the country for women to not wear veil, then you must obey the country's rule. Is the same thing in Arab countries, you can't show skin when you wear your clothes- Is that fair? No. France rules favors France citizens, if you don't like their rule then there's other countries to choose from.

  • The ban of Muslim veils is not tolerant/respectful of the Muslim faith.

    The ban of veils in France is not respectful of Muslim faith, but it doesn't have to be. Muslims are not respectful to women. So, Muslims veils are an anachronistic tradition that should be banned altogether. It is acceptable to disrespect a tradition that is itself disrespectful. Islam is a religion of hate and oppression.

  • No, the ban is not repectful because it does not allow expression of faith.

    No, the ban on Muslim veils in France is not tolerant or respectful of the Muslim faith, because the ban does not allow Muslims to express their faith. Muslims who wear veils are making a peaceful expression of their religion. To try to ban this behavior is to try to ban public support for the religion. The religion, in and of itself, is not bad. It is only the violent expression of it that needs to be stopped.

  • No it is not respectful nor should it be, Islam deserves no respect.

    This so called religion, which is actually a political system to conquer the world, is abhorrent to most decent people. Islam needs to change or to be disassembled at least in non-muslim countries or else very soon they will become muslim countries.

    Repatriation is what should be happening, Muslims are incompatible with decent people. They take over large areas of cities and turn them into ghettos, and then start demanding their own laws.

    Resist Islam wherever you find it.

  • Would banning christian symbols in a country, or not allowing nuns to cover their hair fair?

    No, its not. France has, of late, shown itself to be a nation of hypocrisy. To allow a double ended freedom of expression and religion. In france, you can wear a crop top and short shorts, and people wont blink an eye. This kind of clothing style, from my opinion, is putting an emphasis on the physical attributes one has. But to cover yourself up, so that the emphasis is on YOU, your personality, your innnerself, is considered illegal. I support, and wish good luck, to every sister brave enough to stand up to it, to every brother brave enough to protest it. The amount of islamaphobia in this world is growing, and making every single muslim on the spotlight. Is THAT fair? For a whole community of thousands, of millions of people, to be condemned for the act of some? Islam isnt the problem. Islam is a peace loving religion. Its the people who act upon their perverted views for political gain, that are.

  • Completely disrespectful !

    We as people should be allowed to express ourselves. No man or woman has the right to tell one how to dress. If someone is banishing the right of some lady to cover themselves, then we need to take a step back and look at how messed up this world is. Were constantly told we can express ourselves, but once a lady steps in and is modest, they make a law against her modesty. This is completely disrespectful and anyone that thinks it is respectful needs to take a moment and actually step in the shoes of this lady's perspective.

  • Disrespectful by design

    Whatever one's opinion of the Muslim faith, I would assume based on my observations of Muslims in general that they would find such a notion not so much disrespectful as a deliberate affront. I would suspect such a ban on the part of France is similar to my country of birth, Australia, practicing the "stop the boats" idea - in other words, officially an act to prevent terror, unofficially an expression of "We don't want your kind around here" to those affected.

  • Of course not

    If you force a women not to wear something she really wants you are just as bad as the guys who force her to wear it when she doesn't want to. A woman has a right to wear what she wants. There is nothing wrong with the hijab. It is simply a scarf around a girls hair to keep people from judging her based on how she looks.

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