Ban on Muslim veils in France: Is the French ban on Muslim veils in public buildings justified?

  • KKK Hoods are just as offensive

    Any belief with a religious supporting document (Quran) that instructs it's followers that non-believers should be slaughtered, converts should be killed and killing in the name of your religion is the highes of honors. Other religions have had their fair share of violence but the key word there is "HAD". When's the last time you saw a Christian extremist group blow up a subway...Or bus...Or building...Or knock down national monuments, ect...Ect...Ect

  • They should do the same here

    In our country a person's face is part of a person's identity. The niqab is a sign of subjugation and proof of a patriarchy. It is also a personal affront to free thinking women every where. Now as far as veils in public places, people need to be identified. Try to go in to a bank with a mask on. The men that flew the planes into the towers were pious, so don't try to hide behind religion. When muslim women are free to choose to do as they please, then they can have a say. But right now I only hear there husbands talking.

  • The French ban on Muslim veils in public buildings is justified.

    In a free country, everyone should be allowed to show their face. Muslim veils are sexist and should not be permitted in free countries. They teach women that they do not have a face in society and that they are less important than men. The French are correct to ban them.

  • This law is discriminatory and unjust.

    The fact of the matter is that when it comes to Islam in our modern western society, it is often discriminated against just as Catholics were discriminated against in the early post-civil war America. We must understand that the people who want to wear niqab (veils) are pious women who are following the sunnah, (guidance of the prophet, may the peace and blessings of God be upon him) and are trying to be the best human beings that they believe they can be. People don't think twice when a nun is in public in full Catholic attire, or when a mourning woman wears a face veil in public. It is a double-standard therefore to ban the Niqab. Unfortunately, in the post-9/11 and London Bombing world we live in. Security is overvalued to an almost radical extent, yet we must use are heads here. Is it really necessary to violate a person's liberty to this extent? The justification for banning niqab is the same as banning loose fitting clothing because it is easier to conceal a weapon with baggy clothing.

  • Absolutely not justified.

    This ban is taking away a large percentage of their population's freedom of religion. Although I don't know that there is any legal document granting their citizens this liberty in France, it is still wrong. They don't ban the Christian crucifix, and this the crucifix is not even a religious requirement. The burka is a fundamental part of the Muslim religion and it is disgraceful to see the French government forcibly take that away from them.

    Posted by: mkay
  • It is offending their religion

    Muslims believe that men have one sexual part and that a women's entire body is sexual. They cover it up so they can protect the body from harm and it is seen as a fundamental part of their religion. I am not saying it is right but it does make me wonder this: How come girls can wear short skirts showing their butt to the world and Muslim women cannot wear veils that keep them modest?

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