Ban on negative political ads: Are negative ads welcome in the public discourse?

  • Yes, Voters Need to Hear the Negatives Too

    Many potential voters love negative ads, if they disparage
    the person their favorite candidate is running against. Outcries against
    negative ads are loudest when one candidate scores a successful hit on the
    other. Though people claim that negative ads bring down the tone of political
    discourse, the fact is that negative ads are essential to the electoral process
    because they often bring out truths that a candidate is trying to hide or
    gloss over. Negative ads tell voters the ugly truth.

  • I agree that negative ads should be allowed

    I agree that negative ads should be allowed and that we should not start banning ads simply because they are negative. As long as ads are fair and honest and there are not lies being told, they should be allowed. Banning ads that are negative opens the door to hide things about politicians or policies.

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