Ban on negative political ads: Would this ban apply to everyone that might decide to put up a political ad (yes), or just politicians (no)?

  • Ads need to be fair

    Political ads need to be fair and informative, and not full of lies meant to manipulate voters. We need a lot of serious electoral reform, and this has to be apart of it. We need to seriously reform regulations of the media and advertisements during election cycles, and we need to do it now.

  • Negative political ads should not be banned at all

    Negative political ads can be a nuisance come election time, but they tell us a lot about the candidates supporting them, and about the groups supporting candidates. How many attack ads a politician runs against their opponent helps my decision to not support that candidate. Unfounded attack ads, and half-truths are usually easy to spot and digest. I think negative ads are an important part of the political process.

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