Ban on nuclear weapons testing: Should nuclear weapons testing be banned?

  • Save the world

    If we will not ban it then the countries would use them as their weapons. It releases harmful rays which if comes in contact with humans then the people would suffer from many diseases and would also die. Explosion of the reactors can make a whole city a barren island

  • Human Health Care

    If we don't ban testing people's cancer rate will rise. Plus most countries are not aloud to use nuclear weapons anyway. USA is telling other countries to destroy their weapons yet we have more than all the other countries. We need to destroy our weapons before we can tell other countries to destroy theirs

  • Human Cancer Care

    If we don't ban Nuclear Testing than the RATE of PEOPLE with CANCER WILL GO UP. We need to STOP testing for the sake of people in USA or any other Countries. Another reason why is because most Countries are not aloud to use the INCLUDING USA. USA is telling other countries to destroy their weapons yet we have more than them. We need to DESTROY our weapons before we can tell other Countries to destoy their's.

  • Ban Nuclear Weapons Testing and Save the World

    Nuclear weapons testing should be banned because it has deadly ramifications not just for individuals but for nations and for the natural world itself. Nuclear weapons testing is hard to regulate because each country that engages in it considers it integral to its defense and holds it secret [until the testing happens and when it becomes obvious to those who are vigilant.] It would be very hard to have global agreement on standards of such testing. Even if a large number of nations have a consensus, set guidelines, and began overseeing nuclear weapons tests amongst them, there will always be rouge nations out to develop their own weapons to defend against or to attack the others. Because of this all nuclear weapons testing should be banned form our world. Hopefully that would be a step toward doing away with the weapons themselves.

  • They should not be banned

    What if we need to ride in it to get to a new planet??????????????????? Thats what i thought we could ride it to mars or saturn or uranus hahahahaahhaha they shoul not be BANNEDDDD c'mon people we might just need nukes for something like that be realistic c'mon DO NOT BAN NUKES PLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

  • Nuclear weapons testing should not be banned.

    Many rogue nations continue to test nuclear weapons without approval of the international community. Legitimate nations should not be hindered in developing their own defensive nuclear weapons. Even if their are test ban treaties, nations will just find ways to test nuclear weapons secretly. There is no good way to enforce a test ban treaty.

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