Ban on oil drilling in Bristol Bay, Alaska: Is the ban on oil drilling in Bristol Bay, Alaska (site of Exxon Valdez spill) justified?

  • Dont drill there

    Nobody knows how much oil is in the ground
    Many of the airports had to cancel the flights and shut down last time we had a oil spill
    Oil spills make the boats and ships have to make another route or get canceled
    It makes the animals die
    Shell wants to drill in the Arctic because it holds more than a quarter of the Earth’s oil

  • Yes it is justified.

    Bristol Bay, Alaska had giant costly mess to clean up when it happened. Why would anyone want to risk tearing up the earth to try to get more oil resources. We need to change our thinking and instead of creating was to destroy earth we should look for ways to make renewable resource work more efficiently.

  • The ban on oil drilling is justified.

    Bristol Bay, Alaska is the former location of the Exxon Valdez spill, one of the worst oil spills of the 20th century. By allowing more oil drilling to occur at Bristol Bay, we will needlessly risk the endangerment of the wildlife and the environment of Bristol Bay. There is no need to further pollute the environment when alternative energy sources need to be researched.

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