Ban on smoking in cars with children: Should smoking in cars that have children present be banned?

  • Yes, smoking in cars with children should be banned

    Smoking in cars with children is a selfish act. The smoker has no consideration for themselves or those who are around them. It is instant gratification without the thought of the effects in the short and long term. Children has no choice but to endure the nasty habits of adults who endanger these precious lives. Parents who smoke are laying the foundation of sickness, disease and addiction for their children. Smoking in the car is a confined space with nowhere to run and hide. Children has to suffer the consequence of their parents' habits. This habit, unfortunately, can lead to their premature demise.

  • Another protection from stupidity law

    Unfortunately there needs to be a law because we have too many selfish uncaring people in the world who don't consider the welfare of others - even children. Unfortunately we can't control who has kids - that would become a eugenics nightmare. But when you know something is unhealthy it should not be done in public.

  • Abuse to children

    By allowing smoking in the car with children to continue - we are dooming the young nation to mental and medical disease while also encouraging them to start smoking themselves. This is not right and the irresponsible parents who do it - should be fined. BAN SMOKING IN CARS WITH CHILDREN

  • Think of the children.

    The children are exposed to second-hand smoke, at a young age, the immune system is not able to block out the smoke particles and absorbs more of the smoke compared to adults. Children may also be influenced to follow in their parents footsteps and start smoking when they are older, which would in turn, shorten their life.

  • An Abuse on Children

    Yes, smoking in cars with children is just a form of abuse on the little ones. First of, the kids can suffer from second-hand smoking and could possibly die if they have a parent who frequently smokes in front of them. Second-hand smoking can also result in lung cancer. Also children may also be somewhat influenced by this and try to smoke on their own. Yes, adults can smoke, but I don't think it should be in front of children or other people because of the risk of second-hand smoking.

  • Smoking should be banned in cars with kids!

    Here are the main reasons:
    1. Second hand smoke is really bad !!
    2. Air conditioner or Open window doesn't help !!
    3. Life span goes down !!
    4. More chances of lung cancer !! (number 3 and 4 should really convince you. Do you really want to die that much?)

  • You are killing yourself and taking someone with you

    What I don't get is the fact people smoke in cars with kids.
    1. Second hand smoke is really bad
    2. Air conditioner or Open window doesn't help
    3. Life span goes down
    4. More chances of lung cancer (number 3 and 4 should really convince you. Do you really want to die that much?)

  • Better safe then sorry

    This is actually a very good question that I never really gave that much thought into. Yes, I do think smoking in cars with children should be banned. The last thing any child needs or deserves is to have no choice but to breath in all of that second hand smoke.

  • Smoking Ban for Cars with Children

    Many states have banned people from smoking in cars where children are present. Such laws are highly effective in combating the effects of secondhand smoke. More bans like this one should be implemented in the remaining states that haven't made the smart decision to enact such bans at this point.

  • Smoking in cars with children should be banned

    Research continues to demonstrate the dangers of second hand smoke. Allowing developing lungs to be exposed to the carcinogens in cigarette smoke is as dangerous as allowing a child to ride in a car without a seat belt. Laws have been put in place to eliminate this danger, including child safety seat requirements, and states should begin to adopt fines and penalties for smoking in a car with a child.

  • How about we teach people to be good parents instead of making the rest of society pay for them?

    I think it is like a nanny government thing. If people are killing their kids with smoke then let them die. How mean and insensitive that sounds right? But is it the job of the police to do the parenting? More and more we expect the government to fix everything for us. Meanwhile big business makes bank $$$$$ from these cigarettes. Of course taxes will go up to put more cops on the street and build more office space to handle all the extra staff and more paperwork and more computers are gonna be needed so all the non smoking tax payers have to pay for the government to enforce smoking laws for the sake of the children of smokers? WTF is that shit?

  • We are becoming a nanny state

    What about e-cigarettes? Its up to the driver to decide if cigarettes should be allowed. What's the next stage? Banning smoking in the home? My father was a chain smoker and my lungs are perfectly ok despite exposure. Do our police not have enough to do? The whole idea is OTT!!

  • We have banned it too much

    I believe it has been a long time since we started to smoke.....
    And people are still smoking these days.
    I'm not saying that smoking is good, but I can say that it has came too far to stop it. So we shuld just let it go . . .

  • We are being prepared for dictatorship!

    Controlling what people do in their own private.....Next is controlling what we do in the privacy of or own home. What are they going to do if a parent is caught smoking in their car with the kids? Take their kids away from them? Assometime who grew up with two smoking parents, who smoked in the car and didn't even open a window.....I am just fine. I am not saying it wasn't a bad thing, I am sure it is, but parents need to be able to make that decision for themselves. Look at parents who feed their kids nothing but fast food and junk food, this can pose serious health risks as well....Should we go after those parents to? This is BS, this is how a 'free country' becomes not free....

  • Cannot be enforced

    How could a ban on smoking with children in the car be enforced? How many policemen do people think are available to enforce largely arbitrary rules throughout the country. Banning smoking in cars isn't about child safety; after all, any negative effects wouldn't be stopped because a parent was pulled over once. Instead, the whole situation is simply an excuse to give more tickets and institute more fines.

  • I believe it should not

    It is unfair to state that just because we have a child in the car that we should not be allowed. Just open the window!!!!! It is just bang right out of order to do such a dispicible thing to tobacco lovers!! I think we should just let it go.

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