Ban on smoking in public places: Are workers in smoky public places being wronged?

  • Yes people forced to work in smoky public places are being treated wrongly.

    It is a proven fact that second hand smoke carries the same risks as primary smoke. It is fundamentally wrong to force employees to work in smoky areas simply because they are legally smoking permissible areas. No one should be forced to work in a smoke filled area. Smoking bans should also take into account the effects of the permissible smoking areas.

  • Yes, they should smoke outside.

    Yes, it is unfair to ban all smoking in public places, because a great deal of the population smokes. There should be designated places. If a person is fifty feet from the building, their smoking isn't really going to bother anyone else. There is not more than a minor inconvenience to anyone else.

  • Workers in smoky public places are being wronged.

    It is common knowledge that second hand smoke is bad for health. Workers who are forced to operate in smoky conditions are being wronged and they should be compensated for the hardship they are forced to endure. Employers are required to have basic safety regulations in their places of work.

  • Yes they are.

    Workers who are exposed to smoky public places are being wronged. They are not in control of the amount of smoke they are inhaling. With this, they are exposed to serious health issues down the line, such as cancer and emphysema. There should be a ban of smoking in public places to protect people.

  • How is it wrong

    How are they being wronged when you walk in to an interview, you know facts about the job. If they have such an issue with breathing in secondhand smoke then they should find another job. The majority of jobs are in non-smoking environments. There has been so much education in school on smoking it makes me want to smoke, people have been properly informed to make there own decision, and know the consequences. I know most older generations have not been taught what we are being taught in school about smoking.I can promise it is just a choice, a teenager smoking a cigarette can tell you every health issue that comes with it.

  • No reason to ban

    People want to ban smoking in public places because they don't like smoking and want to impose their views on others. I hate smoking - really abhor the entire concept - but its not my decision whether others should do these things to themselves in a public area with clear ventilation and no health risk to others.

  • No One Is Making You

    As my former employer told me, no ones forcing you to put up with it. This is what is wonderful about America, you can do as you please, and if you don't like something feel free to move on. He was dreadfully conservative about everything. I don't usually agree with his viewpoint, but I have to assume the employee or worker was aware of the environment before applying for the position. It seems somewhat odd to complain about it after the fact.

  • Its there choice

    They are not being wronged because they are choosing to work in these kinds of environments. It is not the establishments fault that they hire a worker and then tell them that they have to work in a smoky environment. The people know this when they apply for the job and everyone knows the possible side effects of secondhand smoke.

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