Ban on smoking in public places: Do victims of second-hand smoking have no choice?

  • Non smokers very often don't have a choice

    How about non smokers standing waiting in a bus queue, under cover in a non smoking area, and most of the other people are smoking, how about we just move away and miss the bus, is that it? How about if non smokers want to access a store, and there are a group of smokers in front of the doors invading the no smoking limits, should we non smokers just move away and not bother with shopping, is that it? How about if smokers light up in a restaurant which bans smoking, should non smokers just get up and leave before we have eaten and lose money, is that it? Smokers will defy any rules going to get their fix!

  • Everyone Has A Choice

    I do not believe adults are the victims of second-hand smoke. If an adult is unhappy about second hand smoke, there is nothing stopping them from moving, changing locations, etc. For those that live with smokers, move out. America is free, you're welcome to do as you please, for the most part. It's when we start making laws to force people into certain attitudes and actions, that we really have a problem arise. You're not a victim of second-hand smoke.

  • The choice is taken away in public place that allow smoking

    Yes, in reality when smoking is allowed in public areas, non-smoking individuals' choices have been taken away. Smoke does not just linger around the person that is smoking it migrates everywhere. The only choice that is left by the non-smoker is to avoid the public places which is unfair. Smoking should done in private enclosed area so that only smokers are subject to their smoke.

  • Yes, victims of second hand smoking have no choice.

    People smoke everywhere. Smokers are one of the least considerate segments of society. They will smoke any chance they get and they don't care about you. Non-smokers have limited options when it comes to dealing with smokers. You are always forced to leave the venue because they won't put the cigarette down.

  • Victims of second-hand smoking have no choice.

    Pollution is inevitable in the modern world. People who end up inhaling some second hand smoke should simply leave the room if they don't like it. There are always non-smoking options for people who do not smoke. Also, second hand smoke isn't as bad as a lot of other forms of pollution.

  • You Can Always Just Move

    As an ex-smoker,when i am out in public,if someone is smoking around me,i simply will just move out
    of the area of a smoker. I do believe,however,that no one should be allowed to smoke in front of entry ways of establishments. If a smoker is just that rude,i will move.

  • Quit being lazy and move.

    People who smoke are being persecuted in the country like no other. They are being told where and when to smoke. If it bothers you that I smoke, you should move. I am doing something legal and in a area that is designated at this point. If you don't like the spot I am smoking, you can move.

  • Don't ban smoking in public

    Banning smoking in public would largely be due to non-smokers simply not liking the smell - the government does not have the right to ban something simply because people don't like it. Second hand smoke, contrary to widely reported studies, does not cause lung cancer (according to the American Cancer Institute and World Health Organization).

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