Ban on smoking in public places: Is banning smoking in public places popular?

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  • Smoking I bad!

    Smoking can cause many health problems including cancer, rotting teeth, and much more. Smoking can also cause shortness in breath. These problems kill lots of people each year.
    Banning smoking in public places can lower 2nd hand problems, too. Yes, it is possible that you don't even have to smoke to get these health problems. Banning public smoking can make a huge difference of humanity and the environment.

  • Asama very bad for some kids and you

    You can kill yourself because it has cemicals. It will be very bad for your heart, mouth,and fingers. If you smoke they might have to cut your fingers. Some kids has asama. If you don't wan't to kill kids you should not smoke. And bad for the air. So please don't smoke.

  • Smoking is very bad

    Smoking is bad because it has over 7000 chemicles. Smoking can allow your body to fall apart because cigaretts have nicotein in them. The benefits of smoking is that if you smoke you can get a heart desiese and die from smoking.Look more in to my channle for more topics.

  • Smoking Hurts Animals

    When a person smokes, not only are they hurting themselves and everyone around them, they hurt animals as well. Animals can breathe in the smoke, and choke on cigarette buds. Also, a lit cigarette thrown out a car window can burn down a forest, which is many animals habitats. #stopsmoking

  • Smoking harms everyone not just the smoker

    Smoking should not be allowed in public places. The harm it does has been known since the 1960's, so there is no excuse for people to say they don't harm anyone. Passive smoking is vile, I encountered it today on more than one occasion, and before you smokers say just leave, how can you leave a bus stop, when the bus is due? Should not have to leave restaurants either because some selfish idiot wants to smoke.

  • Yes it is.

    I believe that the ban in smoking in public places is becoming more popular and people are starting to recognize the fact that not everyone wants to be in a closed area with the smoke because then they have to inhale all of it. Every since we started realizing how bad it is people have been banning it more.

  • Yes. i believe banning smoking in public places is popular.

    Yes. I believe banning smoking in public places is popular, because there are very few public places that allow smoking in today's society. I don't believe it is fair. People that smoke are paying customers, just like customers that don't smoke. It is not fair to prioritize one customer over another.

  • People are finally seeing the effect of second hand smoke

    Yes, I think the banning of smoking in public places is really catching on. Even if there is "smoking area," smoke does not stay in its designated area, it floats around freely. Those that do not smoke should not be subjected to the dangers of second hand smoke because another just has to have his or her nicotine fix.

  • Banning smoking in public places is popular.

    Today, most people do not smoke. Non-smokers do not like to smell second hand smoke. Most people want to go to public places without having to smell smoke. Of course, smokers can still enjoy tobacco, but they shouldn't be able to bother non-smokers in public places. Second hand smoke is also bad for everyone's health.

  • Smoking is bad for everyone i think the age should be raised to 47

    You could get a hole in your heart and then you would have to clean it daily basis. Also there would be a 35 percent chance you could get cancer,hurt your lungs,affect your family members,and kill you. Smoking is like bacteria it just goes around in the air and causing things that could hurt you.

  • It's a another way of discrimination

    The smoking ban is a unjustified law based on lies, fraud & forgery. I feel that all public areas should provide both smokers and non- smokers i refuse to support a bar or a restaurant that tells me to go smoke outside this ban is a spit on human rights and should be scraped

  • Marginalizing those who smoke

    The primary problem with smoking in public places is that those who don't smoke don't like the smell or don't want to be in contact with the second hand smoke, but banning smoking in public places also marginalizes smokers and forces them to go out of their way to feed their habit. It's not stopping them.

  • Banning smoking in public places is not popular.

    Banning smoking in public places is not popular. The fact that we continue to push this topic and force our customers to go outside to smoke in this economy is crazy to me. Now we want to eliminate them being able to smoke even outside of our establishments. This will only hurt the financial of every business that does this.

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