Ban on smoking in public places: Will a smoking ban be fair to businesses?

  • Smoking in public should be banned

    Can effect everyone's health around them. . . . . .. . .. .. .. . .. . . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .

  • Smoking should always be banned

    There shouldn't really be an argument if smoking should be banned because it should be banned no matter what. Generations become addicted to anything like how one generation was addicted to rainbow looms but then that also just became a another normal jewellery making thing and mostly no one made bracelets or necklaces with the rainbow loom. Exactly like if cigarettes were banned, people would just forget about them and go on in life like they do with a toy. Smoking kills people by making their lungs so bad that it causes cancer and people die because of small cigarettes that they couldn't just let go of. People don't die even because of aging or accidents, they die because of a small cigarettes that they were so addicted to.

  • Yes, smoking bans are fair.

    Businesses will lose some customers when smoking is banned. However, they will gain some more when this happens because a lot of people do not smoke anymore and a lot more can not stand what might happen if there is second hand smoke. So for health reasons, there should be a smoking ban.

  • Yes, smoking bans are fair.

    Smoking bans are fair to businesses. Smokers will learn over time that it is the norm for them to smoke in places that won't harm other patrons. They will adapt and they will continue to patronize these businesses while smoking outside. It is fair to everyone involved to ban smoking because it is harmful.

  • Smoking should remain banned

    Even though obviously a lot of us American smoke, I feel it is now become much more proper to ban smoking for inside businesses and public areas. These days, most places have designated smoking areas for people and employees. I think this is better as non-smokers tend to be turned away from smoking and being those who do so.

  • Leave it to the businesses

    Some businesses - bars especially - should be allowed to decide for themselves whether smoking is permitted indoors or not. A widespread ban is not going to do anything but make people go outside. Many businesses are probably pleased that people who don't smoke will be happier coming inside, but others may not be, which is why there should not be a statewide or federal ban whatsoever - it can be damaging.

  • Smoking Bans Stifle Some Businesses

    I believe smoking bans have proven to hurt some business, namely bars and night clubs. Some of these business owners have seen a decrease in business as smoking patrons either turn to other options, or simply stay home. These bans are not fair businesses because their right to chose what is right for their business, has been taken away.

  • No. I do not think a smoking ban would be fair to businesses.

    No. I do not think a smoking ban would be fair to businesses, because a large portion of today's society smoke cigarettes, and we all know smoking is extremely addictive. So a restaurant that allows smoking would be extremely attractive to today's generation, and a restaurant that doesn't would lose customers..

  • Smoking bans hurt some businesses.

    Certain businesses, such as bars, have a very large number of smokers that frequent them. Having to leave to smoke would most certainly hurt the business of places that depend to people staying longer amounts of time in order to make money. In places that smoking is a big part of the climate, it should be allowed.

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