Ban on smoking while driving: Should smoking while driving be banned?

  • The Dangers Of Smoking While Driving.

    Hi, I think that smoking while driving should be banned due to the concerns of safety. Not only does smoking while driving take a hand off the wheel, the smoke gets in your face and can easily distract a driver. I have even seen people drop their cigarette or its cherry, and frantically try to extinguish it. Along with the physical distraction, the ingredients of a cigarette cause mental change, like lightheadedness, and euphoria. I believe that the driver of an automobile should maintain proper and assertive control of their vehicle. It isn't safe for other driver's and pedestrians for the operator of a motor vehicle to be more attentive to their possessions along with personal appeal than to be driving.

  • Keep on Smoking

    I smoke in my car all the time, mostly pot. If you fatties don't want to stop shoving Big Macs in your face and stop swilling hot coffee on the way to the office, then why should I have to be responsible. Keep on smoking people, little Johnny's asthma can wait.

  • Smoking should be banned while driving

    I think smoking is like using a hand held mobile phone at the wheel,it's a distraction! We have a neighbour whose daughter not only uses her phone while driving and manoeuvring , but also is smoking, without a seat belt of course, and on 3 occasions she has hit our car, causing considerable damage, which we reported to the police. On all occasions she was seen hitting our car. Thankfully that selfish madam has moved away!

  • Ban smoking in cars

    What I don't get is the fact people smoke in cars with kids.
    1. Second hand smoke is really bad
    2. Air conditioner or Open window doesn't help
    3. Life span goes down
    4. More chances of lung cancer (number 3 and 4 should really convince you. Do you really want to die that much?)

  • It is distracting.

    When you do anything while driving, you are distracted from the road, whether it's doing your make-up, eating a cheeseburger, drinking a soda, smoking a cigarette, plucking an eyebrow, texting, or talking on the phone. Not only is it distracting to smoke while driving, but if you drop the cigarette on yourself, your burn distracts you even more. I've been in a car with a smoker driving who dropped the cigarette, burned himself, and swerved. He would have run into oncoming traffic if we weren't alone on the road.

  • What's the point?

    First off it causes some huge threats to those around you and in the car. If your smoking while driving then the kids in the backseat get poisoned and they can't do anything about it. And second of all, why can't you just wait till you get out of the car?

  • Yes, smoking should be banned.

    Yes, smoking while driving should be banned, because smoking is one more distraction on the road. Smoking while driving is dangerous, just like texting while driving or driving while talking on the phone. Smoking is bad for you in general, and banning it while driving would make people smoke less and would cut down on second-hand smoking.

  • Driving behind a smoker. Just stop and think of others. The world revolves around everyone. Not just you.

    When my windows are down and I’m enjoying a beautiful drive with fresh air, It’s a great soothing time. Until that smoking person gets in front and all of a sudden that air is not fresh anymore. It’s harming. I can always smell when a smoker is a car ahead.

  • I have seen more people distracted from amoking than talking on the phone

    90% of the time when i see someone not payi g as much attention to the road as they should be, Its because they are smoking. They're to busy smoking to pay attention to the light changing, Or the fact that they are holding up traffic by going 15 in a 30 or 40 in a 55. Then when i see someone not signaling a turn, Its because theyre too busy smoking to bother flipping up that little lever on the steering column. It should also be banned because as a motorcyclist, I have to put up with that shit smell when im behind these asshats that are smoking in the vehicle ahead of me and i have no choice in the matter if i can't pass them.

  • Smoking should be banned in all public places and the road is a public place.

    It’s a new thing. Probably goes along with leased cars. But so many drivers hang their cig out the window. It’s unhealthy being surrounded by smokers at rush hour with the only alternative being to close my windows. They can’t keep 2 hands on the wheel that way either. I think the only place a smoker should smoke is inside their private home.

  • Keep on Smoking

    I smoke in my car all the time, mostly pot. If you fatties don't want to stop shoving Big Macs in your face and stop swilling hot coffee on the way to the office, then why should I have to be responsible. Keep on smoking people, little Johnny's asthma can wait.

  • It's up to the smoker and the passengers.

    Leave smokers to smoke in their own car. It's not hurting you, and it's not a distraction. Just like scratching your head, it's a motion you don't have to think about.

    I would encourage a law against smoking with under 18 year old children in the car, but hey - if a smoker wants to ruin the resale value of their car by stinking it up, let them do so.

  • Smoking While Driving Poses Few Threats

    Smoking while driving shouldn't be banned by law because it's an unnecessary restriction. While a person could burn themselves and cause an accident in the process, that likelihood is fairly low. Individuals should be allowed to smoke and drive because it's not a distracting activity like texting or drinking alcohol while driving.

  • It irritates the Driver

    I know first hand that if my grandmother doesn't get a cigarette in her hand within a few minutes it will drive her nuts. Banning smoking while driving would be a very bad idea as you are causing more harm than good. Some people go crazy for cigarettes and that is a road hazard.

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