Ban on snowmobiles in US national parks: Are the national parks for preservation (yes) or enjoyment (no)?

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  • Snowmobiles in Parks Should Not Be Banned

    No, snowmobiles in the United States National Parks should not be banned as these parks are preserved for the enjoyment of the US citizens. As such, it would be a grave error to ban these relatively harmless forms of entertainment from the parks and would defeat the entire purpose of the parks in the first place.

  • No, taxpayers should be able to enjoy their parks.

    No, there should not be a ban on snowmobiles in U.S. national parks, because the taxpayers that pay for the parks should be able to use them. There should be portions of the national parks reserved for quiet enjoyment, but people who want to use the national parks for snowmobiling should be allowed to have some space as well. The parks should accommodate diverse interests.

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