Ban on snowmobiles in US national parks: Do snowmobiles cause noise pollution?

  • Yes they may

    People do get out of control with their snowmobiles and one can be sure that because of that there would more than likely be many people that will complain about how much noise pollution that their snowmobiles are creating and may eventually get banned in many places because of that if they are not already.

  • Snowmobiles cause unecessary noise pollution that disrupts animals and visitors.

    Snowmobiles cause a large amount of noise pollution that frightens animals and disrupts the wildlife in national parks. If animals are driven from their homes or nesting spots by snowmobile noise pollution, they may find their way into tourist areas and inadvertently end up posing a safety threat. They also detract from the calm serenity that national park visitors expect during a visit to a national park.

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