Ban on spanking children: Should there be an outright ban on the smacking or spanking of children?

  • I guess and I don't care

    "A child is an uncut diamond", and if you try to strike a diamond, it will shatter and it's typically a necessary evil to strike at what's precious or valuable.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics did admit that there are (short-term) positives of spanking children but they still warn the readers that that it's not a good idea, even as a last resort. The problem with spanking is the only proper application for it is severe misbehavior, period yet too many parents do it beyond that because of their not so great education and mild regulations of spanking depending on state did little to solve issues with spanking itself. Biblical sayings are slowly becoming lame excuses to do whatever you want, though we have a right to a religious belief but religious beliefs will never pass as law.

    The thing is most parents are starting to forget how to properly and reasonably spank their kids meaning they will be more and more liable to abuse them, especially in anger which is obviously not the proper application of spanking. Smart and calm parents would only use it as a last resort while starting with non-physical discipline as their first pick because that's what modern parents try to do.

  • My brother was covered in welts and bruises.

    Growing up, My brother was closer to my dad, while I was closer to my mom. That said, My dad was more inclined to spank his child, my mom was avidly against it. My dad would respond to harmful actions with yelling and physical harm, my mom would respond by giving us the reasons for why we should or shouldn't do something.

    Years later, I'm in college about to graduate with two degrees, while my brother, who is underage, has already lost his license because of DUIs and car crashes.

    Spanking might seem like a small thing, "one hit here, one hit there", but you're only wreaking havoc on their future. YES, children should be punished for actions, and YES I understand that explanations won't always stop your child, but do you want a child who wants to learn and is genuinely happy with the world, or do you want a bruised doll who quietly sits in the corner, in fear of being hurt again.

    To add to that, you're raising the next generation here, not "Miniature yous". The argument of "it worked on me" doesn't make it any better, and definitely doesn't make it right. Just because people spanked in your time, doesn't mean it works. As I stated before, it teaches more of a "sit down and shut up" mentality that you SHOULDN'T want your kid to have, and also teaches that physical harm is okay.

    Another point I'd like to make is that people might think "if it's softly its fine". No, even if it's softly, it doesn't make it any better. Think of the pyramid of acceptance of ideas. You start with smaller things like harsh comments, small hand slaps, and it graduates into light spanking, slight yelling, which then goes into harsh spanking and yelling. One's mind slowly becomes more and more accepting of the idea that it's OKAY to do things like that. Even if you think that you wouldn't, you won't realize you have until it's too late.

    The last thing I'd like to add is the heartbreak I feel every single day I remember my brother and what's happened to him. I remember hiding by the stairs crying when I was little, listening to the smacks, scared of what would happen next. Now I'm worried about my dropout brother, hoping that one day, he'll be able to boost his confidence, get back into college (he dropped out), and get as far away from our dad as possible.

    Please, don't let this happen to your kid like it did to my brother.

  • Discipline your child.

    Spankings serve to show children that there is real consequence to their actions. It also let's them know, at an early age, who is in control. One basic rule is that you don't cause any real damage as you don't have to cause actual injury to get your point across. You should also do it only when the child does something they know is wrong. I have seen many cases where spanking was quite effective and cases where the lack of spanking has failed.

  • If a parent feels it's right.

    I think spanking a child by the hand or an object is fine as long as there is a limit to how hard you can spank and a limit on how old the child should be spanked at, id say around age 5 to 13 years old and i don't think it should be done in schools and it should be done by a parent or grand parent and not bare butt.

  • No, there should not.

    Spanking a child lightly is not abuse, or harmful. It shows them that what they are about to do could be dangerous - running out in the street, playing with fire, etc. It helps to keep them out of harms way. There is a line when it comes to spanking, but a light tap does no harm.

  • There shouldn't be any ban on spanking

    I have to disagree with doing any form of banning when it comes to spanking towards children, I feel that it abuses the rights of the parent to be parents. However a parent wants to discipline their child is their choice. Just as long as the child isn't physically abused from the treatment then I have no issue with spanking

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