Ban on spanking children: Will a ban on smacking stop child abuse?

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  • Child abuse is bad!!

    Child abusing is bad because you can get your child took of you and your child will be put in care! However if you smack your child it can lead them into peer pressure and then have them committing suicide. Also it can lead them to self harming! ! !

  • Of course not

    Child abuse is illegal, so where is the logic in this question? If anything, a ban on smacking could only possibly increase child abuse, as once one crosses the legal boundary of smacking, it's not legally much of a leap to abuse.

    I think physical punishment is okay in rare circumstances. It's natural, though as humans parents should show self-control and restraint. All sorts of animals teach their offspring using physical warnings. In a way, it's a necessity for the learning of a child/animal - at some point, all people have to learn that certain actions can have consequences that may include pain. They have to learn that certain ways of behaving towards people will cause them to react appropriately. Cats are my only example (not really familiar with the nurturing habits of any other animals) - they're generally patient, but if one of a cats kittens does something to hurt the cat (or steal it's food, since this species does have a pecking order after all), the cat may respond by a light swipe and hiss or even by biting the scruff of the kitten. It doesn't cause them much pain, but does send the message that pain is a consequence of such actions.

    It should only be a quick, very light warning, for very severe circumstances (the child is actually endangering or hurting you, themselves - though obviously not if they're hurting themselves as the punishment is self-serving, or someone else).

  • People break other laws

    I do think spanking should be banned. Of course it is wrong, but there are also laws against homicide and theft, amid other crimes. Has making robbing a bank illegal stopped people from robbing banks? Sure we should make spanking children illegal, but to think it would end child abuse is ludicrous.

  • Spanking Ban Would Not Stop Child Abuse

    I don't think child abuse will stop by banning spanking, but I think spanking should be banned. The effects of spanking doesn't seem to work well on children, but instead there might be negative effects such as bad relationships between parents and children. Even though spanking is banned, I believe people will continue doing it to their child(s) as a punishment.

  • I don't believe banning spanking would stop child abuse.

    I don't believe that banning spanking would put an end to child abuse, but I would agree with a ban to spanking. Spanking is ineffective, barbaric and just makes children aggressive or afraid. However, I don't believe banning it would stop child abuse as some people would get arrested, but sadly, other people would just continue to hit their children undetected.

  • Bans Won't Stop Abuse

    A ban on sparking will most certainly not curb child abuse. Child abuse is already illegal. Those who commit abuse on children do so in fits of rage to feel empowered. Laws against spanking will do nothing more to create incentives to not abuse than laws which already exist on the books.

  • Child Abuse is horrible!!

    Laws against spanking will not change anything, parents are not being watched so nothing will really change. Parents will keep on abusing their children if and/or when they feel like it. Lots of kids wont report it so no one will get into any trouble for it. So no sense in making a law that no one will follow.

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