Ban on spanking children: Would this lead to mass prosecution of parents with good intentions?

  • He who spares the rod hates his child

    For all those out there who think that a child should not be spanked well I suggest you take a trip to your local prison and ask the inmates if they were spanked? I work at a prison and I have asked many inmates how they ended up in prison? Most of them have two very similar reasons. The first being they come from a broken home where either the mother or father(which it's usually the father) is not involved in there lives. The other is they weren't given butt whoppings as a child because mommie didn't feel right about giving them that whopping. Now if that's not a reason to spank then what is? Most of the people I grew up with who were spanked as a child are productive members of society.Now most of us who received a whopping as a child did learn a valuable lesson in life ( cause and effect) and (for every action there's a reaction) the effect of doing something wrong or being disrespectful caused my butt to hurt. For every wrong action I did caused the reaction of my butt hurting. After a few whoppingss I learned not to do that again. Now let's face it some kids don't learn like others for instance some kids you can tell them not to touch that hot pot and some will listen then there are those of us (and you know who you are) that even if you tell us it's hot we still gotta touch it and find out for ourselves. Myself being one of the latter kids got a lot of whoppingss but I also learned valuable lessons in life and those whoppingss are one reason why I'm not one of those inmates that I have to watch on a daily basis. I'm also not saying that a whopping is the only form of discipline, but it should remain in the tool box. A child who is shy and timid ( which I wasn't) you might be able to just scold or ground and that might work but for me I laughed at being grounded or scolded. Now I was never put in time out but I probably would of laughed at that too. When I got that butt tore up well let's just say that was no laughing matter and what ever I did I learned not to do it again. In today's society I think we need a couple of things to keep our kids in line one is stop being your child's friend be the parent because that's who you are. Another is be involved with your child's life this includes you dad and whether it be time outs or spankings make sure they know right from wrong and how to be respectful to others. I use all types of discipline from time out's to being grounded and my personal favorite the all curing butt whopping because when all else fails the lesson of cause and effect always works!

  • More Parent's need to smack their kids nowadays.

    I am a kid and I personally believe in butt whooping's. Many parents nowadays want to be the child's friend rather than their parent, and yet the parents are shocked when their kid talks back to them. Smacking your kid will make the kid realize who's actually in charge. There's a difference in smacking a kid for acting up and just smacking a kid for no reason (abuse). Again I always got whooped and I think that I turned out ok.

  • Banning spanking would lead to mass prosecution.

    I personally don't spank my child and I am against it. However, banning spanking would only put many non-criminal people in jail. A light swat to the butt could then be prosecuted, leaving the child without parents for some time. Child abuse is already illegal and that is enough to help make kids safe.

  • Spanking is counterproductive.

    Spanking teaches children how to fear you, not respect you. Spanking might work with a child whom you tower over but it won't work with a teenager or an adult. Everytime I did something wrong, my mom got angry and beat me (leather belts, plastic bats, hangers, you name it). This was all very painful to me and only taught me one thing--to be sneakier. My mother never explained why what I did was wrong so I kept doing that thing just taking extra measures to not get caught. Once I got older and bigger, I wasnt scared of my mother anymore so I lost that artificial respect. So, at 18, we argue all the time because I don't respect her opinion or her authority because I felt she never respected me as a human being by putting her fists and objects on me. Studies show that spanking has a deep pyschological damage by affecting the way a kid's brain regulates. This may cause the kid to act out or be fidgety or not be able to focus.

  • Spanking is never done with good intentions.

    Spanking children is never done with good intentions. It is done with intent to harm and to get some peace and quiet for the parents. Parents who spank their children need to attend parenting classes and need to learn how to discipline their children properly. Spanking needs to be banned and all of those who do not follow the ban should be prosecuted.

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