Bane from Dark Knight Rises was a big disappointment

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  • The worst of Nolan's Batman movies

    Bane was incomprehensible. He sounded like he had gauze in his mouth for the entire movie...I couldn't make out half of what he said in the opening scene.

    Bane's motives were ridiculous - 'Hey Gotham, I'm going to blow all of you up with a bomb...BUT I'M ACTUALLY YOUR SAVIOR! LONG LIVE TERRORISM!' This made no sense whatsoever and the reasoning for what Bane did was absolutely insulting.

    Besides Bane, the plot twist with Talia was nice, but not nearly enough to overcome the monumental catastrophe that was Bane. I notice Tom Hardy hasn't had a good role since.

  • His motives were strange.

    First, he appeared to be some sort of a liberator with a twisted sense of Justice. "We're giving Gotham back to its people". I like villains who, in their twisted minds, think they are serving justice. But then, it turned out that all he really wanted was to blow up Gotham.

  • Could not save Bane from the movies

    The first Bane was the one from that terrible movie Batman and Robin. Let me just say they captured the size of Bane correctly in that one but he was a complete moron. The Bane in Dark Knight Rises looked like it had some promise by the trailer but in the movie a complete letdown. There was nothing intimidating or interesting about the character. His story is completely non-canon and is not impressive to say the least compared to where Bane really came from. The acting was terrible, the characterization of him was terrible he couldn't save the Dark Knight series from being just outright terrible.

  • Bane the best

    Bane was a true showmen putting on a act to the people. Truly one the greatest manipulative villains ever. He used hope as a weapon no one does that it's unique. He can be chilling menacing but also has great manners like saying thank you. He's also a deeper villain because of Talia which gives him depth that not that many villains have

  • Of course not

    One of the big reasons why I enjoy the Dark Knight trilogy, is that Nolan made them a little more "realistic" than the comic world. Him changing bane from the already great steroid addict villain into the great terrorist league of shadows villain was good. Bane was a good villain.

  • Bane was on par, if not better, than Heath Ledger's Joker

    Unlike the Joker, Bane had a true motive, which was to "give Gotham back to it's people" and remove it from the corrupt hands of the Gotham PD. And, as Rhas Al Ghul believed in Batman Begins, Bane believed that only by cleansing Gotham (I.E the bomb), could he save it. People fail to realize the logic behind his motive because of the unwarranted shadow Ledger's Joker casted over the other Nolan films, which "poisoned the well" for other Nolan villains. Tom Hardy did a spectacular job of playing a character that could create tension and power simply by being on screen.

  • Bane was EPIC

    He was one of the best villains ever put on screen. They did change him a little bit but his character was still amazing. Tom Hardy was brilliant and Christopher Nolan's adaptation made him even better. As soon as he comes on screen you get a sudden feeling of tension. You somehow just feel the power emanating off him especially when he puts his hand on that guy's shoulder (to avoid spoilers) and asks him "Do you feel in charge?"

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