Banks begin moving thousands of jobs out of Britain. Will Brexit cause a Depression in the U.K.?

  • Yes, creating large-scale economic turmoil in a country will cause a depression, or something like it.

    While I can't say the Brexit was the right or wrong move for the country in the long run, it seems clear that it has caused, and will continue to cause economic turmoil. It's too early to say that a 'Depression' is on it's way with any certainty, but if thousands of jobs leave the small country, the economy will feel it.

  • Brexit will not cause a depression.

    Brexit will not cause a depression in the UK. This is because there will be more countries to make exits from the UN. If moving thousands of jobs out of a country were to cause a depression it would have happened many years ago. The market does not fall into a depression every time a political change happens.

  • It is better.

    The pound has always been better than the Euro. Britain has always been a lot strong economically than the rest of Europe. Britain really doesn't have very many ups and downs when it comes to the economy. The banks are just leaving because of Brexit, but it's not necessarily bad news.

  • No, Brexit will not cause a depresion.

    The Brexit vote will have some economic impacts on the United Kingdom; however, it will not lead to a Depression. The British economy is dynamic and innovative: Britain was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Therefore, the British economy will continue to flourish outside of the Eurozone. It might be harder to trade with other countries but trade will not cease.

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