Banks launch checking accounts with no checks: Will checks soon become obsolete?

  • Yes, checks will soon become obsolete.

    Currently, there is still a use for checks as some very small business owners, do not have the money to fund a credit card reader but as soon as that technology become financially available to everyone, checks will begin to phase out. Most people are paying their bills online and trusting the online payment systems more and more. Soon there will only be a small percentage still using checks and it will mostly be the elderly population.

  • I believe check will become obsolete because more and more banking is done online.

    Yes, I believe checks will become obsolete. More and more of my bills are payable online, either on the website of the company I am writing the check to, or at my own bank's website. Checks are a waste of paper. Paying bills online saves you the expense of the checks and also, generally the postage to mail the check.

  • Checks are Becoming a Thing of the Past

    More and more we are seeing that many businesses no longer accept a check and many that do use an electronic system much like a debit card transaction. The check is now considered the most obsolete payment method. Many people are no longer ordering checks or find that a book of them lasts a very long time. The convenience of online bill pay and the fact that it is more reliable make it the number one choice of how many people pay bills. Checks are also the easiest way for someone to steal money from your bank account . The only skill required is the theft of the actual physical check. Checks are slowly becoming extinct.

  • Necessary in business

    Some businesses will continue to depend on checks. Agricultural, skilled trades, small businesses, and industry will depend on checks for some time. They are moving towards debit, credit , etc; however, they often involve infrequent transactions in large amounts. A rancher might make one sale a year, but the sale will be over $200,000 for his calves in the fall. A welder may find that his customers prefer writing checks for repairs. In some cases wholesalers only accept checks. Some regions of this country still do not have cell phone service. No one wants to carry a rediculous amount of cash.

  • Checks will become obsolete, but not soon

    While I believe the trend is toward making everything electronic, I do not believe that checks will become obsolete any time soon. It may be a decade or longer before all types of organizations are set up to do business electronically. Until the majority of these organizations no longer require checks, banks will continue to provide them as an option to their customers.

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