Banks need more cash to prevent next crisis: Do you fear another bank meltdown?

  • Banks needing more cash

    Yes I really do fear another meltdown of the banking system. It scares me already that banks think they need more money to prevent it but the more money they get the more bad it will be when it does end up happening. I do not have a bank account but I know people who do.

  • Bank Meltdown Iminent

    In my personal opinion, I fear a bank meltdown may happen sooner then expected. The economy suffers and continues to slowly crash. I believe that while it will not be identical to the Great Depression, the banks will close in a similar manner if things don't begin to improve economically.

  • It Wasn't The Banks

    The meltdown that started in 2008 didn't involve banks per se. It involved traders, insurance companies, and mostly, investment banks. Those are different that you standard 'branch on the street corner' bank that is looking for more cash now. Banks are using fear of the past crisis to push customers, shareholders and governments to bend to their wills.

  • Banks Need More Regulations Not Cash to Prevent Another Crisis

    Tougher regulations, strict bank capitalisation rules and thorough control on banks` derivatives and risk and exposure practices will prevent another meltdown such as the 2008 financial crises. The inflation of assets prices, such as gold or oil price prices, results from the provision of additional cash to the banks. Cash should be spent on direct investments and fixed assets purchases, not on banks` bail outs.

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