Banksy's new piece vandalized: Is Banksy an artist (yes) or a vandal (no)?

  • You can be both.

    He does his art in a way that vandalises private and public property but it is still art. He could express it in a different way but it wouldn't hold as much meaning as it does now. Like the time he sold his work in NYC and people just passed by the man selling it without a second thought. His voice wouldn't be loud enough if he didn't vandalise

  • Artists are all different!

    Banksy should be considered an artist! He is expressing himself through the medium he wants! Most people would endlessly thank him for a work of art on their house! He's an amazing artist anyway, who cares how he chooses to use his talent. There's also an element of mystery behind his case... No one knows who he really is, and how can he keep the same legacy if he is not supported by his fans??

  • I believe Bansky is an artist.

    Even though we have sign and laws that prohibits outdoor art... Sometimes I think we need to allow it as long as its passed through some regulations. Obviously if this piece of "art" is on the side of your home, I can understand that this could be classified as vandalism. When the art piece is somewhere where everyone is okay with it being there, I think it could help liven the city up with some art!

  • Banksy is an artist

    The new artwork was vandalized between seven and eight at night. Rivals who are graffiti artists and vandals destroyed the artwork. A person who was recording in a studio in the building reported that someone had thrown paint on the piece of art. It was unfortunate that they did not find the vandal, when they went out to look they found the painting still dripping wet.

  • Yes, Banksy is as artist.

    Banksy is definitely an artist, not just a mere vandal. All talented and dedicated graffiti writers are artists. They express emotions and social commentary that is not found in newspapers or on gallery walls. Banksy may not be the most talented of them, but he is certainly the most famous.

  • No Banksy is not an artist

    He is just a person who has taken the time to learn graphics & graffiti. But he has never to my knowledge attended a fine art school or a fine art course where he would have learned the basics in perspective, composition & much more. If he was asked to do a really painting such as watercolor or oils I very much doubt he could. I believe he is a vandal as why should people put up with someone going around and putting images or writing on their property. Plus he is only getting coverage because of the "gimmick" which is not unlike David soul, the man behind the mask.

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