• Humans and animals are the same

    Its unfair that human testing is band and that its ok to test on animals. Its cruel that people test on animals who have feelings and good strong lives that they could live out in the wild or in someone's home.

    Animals are exactly the same as humans and should have rights to live freely, after all we are animals to. Whats the difference between humans and animals?

  • Animal testing sould be banned

    Imagine the pain you would feel if someone pours a toxic chemical in your eye or randomly injects some chemical inside your body. WHY ? Just to check its toxicity so that other people can use it safely . Well this testing is not done to us , but the pain is the same for animals . Its just ridiculous and cruel . When there are other methods of toxicity tests .. Why taking lives of poor animals ? They suffer a very painful death.

  • Just because animals don't have the ability to talk for themselves, doesn't means we should test on them.

    There are people out there who are born with disabilities that can't talk, and therefore can't express if they feel pain. Do we test chemicals on them? No, of course not! That'd be crazy, right? Right. So why do we think it's okay to do the same thing to animals. They feel pain just as much as humans do.

  • We should not forget that we are animals too

    Science has classified us , human beings as animals and therefore we have no right to test anything on any other creature. God created all the living things and we have no right to risk others lives just because humans are more developed than animals . How would we have felt had animals done the same things for us ? Just to save a few human lives why risk a hundred animal life. Animals too have families , they too are mothers and fathers and we have no right to make any child orphan even if he is an animal .

  • Yes, but not mice.

    I agree with banning every animal testing, except for laboratory mice. We need mice to determine LD50... But of course the lowest posible number of them should be used, and not for non-scientific use. But if people are trying to protect animals then they should stop the food industry, there the conditions arent ment for animals, but for customers.

  • If human testing is banned, why shouldn't animal testing be?

    Based purely on the arguments of human rights individuals that subsequently led to banning of human experimentation, what justifies the continuation of animal testing? Sure, we're classified differently, but the biological processes, breathing, feeling of pain and emotions are common. They feel pain too, and they suffer. "For the good of humans" does not adequately justify inflicting on them pain and possibly permanent damage. This disregards the value of life. Worse, animals do not have a choice or say in being experimented on. Until human experimentation is legal, animal testing shouldn't be, either.

  • It shouldn't be

    Why should animal testing be banned?.Then what about the animals which are sick or hurt right now?If you are a vet you should care for animals not dislike animals and why to post this debate?.Do you even care for animals?.Listen here i am not trying to start a fight here.That is all i have to say.Thank you

  • Mentally challenged people

    So what the solution if you don't do animal testing? Stop testing all together? Serious what is this oh it animal, it has feeling etc. yes it does so? Who ever is on higher in the food chain always has power over the lower ones. They aren't human, much rather have a safe products on the market then a few monkeys, mice that would have lived 2-3 year longer.

  • You'd Prefer People?

    I'm a supporter of animal rights. I think animals have a right to live and I hate seeing them abused. I cringe as much as the next person when I see the horrific photos leaked from some of these "labs" where no actual scientific investigation was going on, simply torture for torture's sake. However, hardly any of the medical advancements we enjoy and take for granted would have come about if not for animal research. Insulin injections for the diabetic, blood and bone marrow transfusions, contact lenses, pacemakers, chemotherapy, hearing aids, Tylenol, even antibacterial soap. None of this would have ever existed if not for animal research. I hate the necessary sacrifice of these animals, but with the only other alternative being to conduct the same experiments on human beings, I've no doubt that it is for the best in the end.

  • No, absolutely not.

    Without animal testing, how could a company be 100% confident that their product would not be harmful to humans? Also, animal testing has played a vital role in numerous medical breakthroughs. There is a drug called Herceptin that would not have been discovered if it wasn't for the testing of mice in a laboratory setting. This drug has increased the survival rate for breast cancer. If your mother had breast cancer and Herceptin was a key drug that saved her life i'm sure you would be very thankful for animal testing. Furthermore, the lifespan of a mouse is about one year and we share approximately 95% of our DNA with a mouse. A mouse is a reasonable animal to do testing on, considering the short life expectancy and similar DNA. Animal testing, when done correctly, is one of the most vital parts of medicine research and development. Take that away and many life saving medicines would never be developed and products available to the public would be significantly less safe.

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