Banning cell phones in cars: Are careless driving laws insufficient?

  • Yes, people should not use cell phones while driving.

    People take their cell phones everywhere they go and it seems almost every American has one. Yet cell phones should not be used while driving a car. Even in the best case scenario with a driver who obeys all of the traffic laws, a cell phone provides a distraction. If a person has to talk on the phone, they are multi-tasking and taking some of their concentration away from driving. This can cause accidents.

  • Banning cell phones in cars is not the answer.

    Banning cell phones from being able to bring the into a car is not the way to go. Careless driving laws are insufficient as it. I can see if you banned from cell phones from being used while operating a motor vehicle. Cells are mini computer that can be used to surf the web, play games watch movies, etc and takes away your ability to focus on the task at hand.

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