Banning cell phones in cars: Can traffic be blamed on cell phone use?

  • Cell phones in cars should be banned.

    I believe that cell phone use while driving should be banned
    in every single state because a large amount of traffic can be blamed on
    distracted drivers using cell phones.
    Any person that wants to use a cell phone while driving should simply go
    and invest in a hands-free phone unit.

  • Yes, cell phones distract drivers.

    Yes, cell phones should be banned in cars, because there is no good reason for a person to be on a cell phone while they are driving. Cell phones distract drivers and distracted driving is a common way for drivers to cause crashes. This results in needless deaths that could be saved if phones were banned.

  • Yes, cell phones are dangerous.

    Yes, cell phones should be banned in cars, because they cause distraction. There are already enough way to be distracted in a vehicle without talking on a cell phone. A person talking to a driver via cell phone is different than a driver in the car, because the person on the cell phone cannot stop talking because they are not seeing things on the road. Without cell phones in cars, the roads would be safer.

  • Accidents are to blame but still no ban

    I do no believe in banning cell phone use in cars. I think we just need to be smarter about their use. Hands free use should be required everywhere at all times while driving. I don't think traffic is caused by bad cell phone use in cars but I do think accidents are.

  • What about an Emergency?

    People always look at the bad side of cell phones in cars, but if you think about it, if a driver was in the car alone, and they saw a drunk driver, or they needed to call 911, or to place an emergency call, they could not legally! Or, when you are driving, you see the "call 511 for area info..." etc. If drivers could not call, they could not do that.

  • Only Small Ripples

    I do not believe that cell phone use can be blamed for traffic. I think you have small issues, where someone may sit, stopped at a green light or other nuances, but overall these problems only cause small ripples in the traffic pattern. Traffic jams were a problem before cell phones were popular and they aren't going to disappear.

  • Only one thing to blame

    There's only one thing to blame cell phone use in cars on, and that's having a cell phone out in a car and talking on it. Traffic has always been a problem, and sometimes it's okay to make a call to work on a hands-free device to let them know the problem, but people have become so attached to cell phones that they can't take a simple drive without forcing themselves to check it.

  • Traffic can not be blamed on cell phone use.

    Traffic can not be blamed on cell phone use. The use of cell phones in cars do not relate to the amount of traffic on the highway. The using of cell phones can cause accidents which will then lead to a traffic jam. The amount of traffic is just more cars and trucks on the roadway.

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