Banning cell phones in cars: Should all cell phone use in cars be banned?

  • Takes your attention away

    Cellphone use while driving takes your attention away from the road. People can get hit by a car just because the driver was not paying attention. When using a phone you are multitasking and are responsible for your passenger and pedestians safety. You should not be allowed to do so when distracted

  • Don't call and drive

    Driving while calling on your cell phone is proven to be a dangerous and risky act, and thus should not be allowed. Why is it so hard to expect people to pay attention on the road? Driving is dangerous, so it requires all of your attention, and you shouldn't be allowed to be so distracted.

  • Cell Phones Should Be Banned In Cars

    Cell phones use in cars should be banned because it distracts drivers, taking their attention away from the road and other drivers. When on the road, a person is not only responsible for their own safety but they are also responsible for the safety of others. When on a phone, a person is multitasking, which takes away someone's safety.

  • What if there's an emergency?

    Many cars today make it easy for drivers' phones to connect to the speakerphone by bluetooth, and if not, most phones have a speaker, too. I was driving to a party with my friends one night when my dad called to tell me that my mom had been hit by a drunk driver. If he hadn't called me, I would have never gotten to see my mom for the last time.

    I agree that texting shouldn't be done while driving, but having cell phones itself in a car isn't exactly a problem.

    We need to keep our phones with us to make sure there aren't any emergencies that need to be attended to quickly.

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