Banning child performers: Does child performance cause children to grow-up too soon?

  • It breaks the child labor laws

    With child performers, the children labor laws constantly getting broken and it is a law that should be unforced so more kids can get a better education and get a job they really want to have instead of being forced to do what others want them to do without hesitation.

  • I agree that child perfomance causes children to grow up too soon.

    I believe that child performance causes children to grow up too soon. If a child becomes a star at a young age he or she is robbed of their childhood. Their childhood is filled with rehearsals and filming of shows. Child stars can make a lot of money and disputes arise between children and their parents about how the money should be spent. Child stars may think they have reached their "peak" when they are young and are totally lost as to what they should do with their lives as adults if their careers fizzle out, which is what frequently happens.

  • It does not.

    Banning child performers would not be a good idea because it does not cause children to grow up too soon. If a child performer is skilled enough, they should be allowed to perform and earn money for themselves. It is up to the parents to be sure that their kids to not grow up too fast.

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