Banning child performers: Does performing deprive children of valuable learning experiences, such as time-spent on education?

  • Performing deprives children of valuable learning experiences.

    Children should not be given adult responsibilities. If children are forced to perform in public, they do not have time to study, to socialize with their peers, or even to relax like normal children. Many child actors have grown up to be very troubled adults because of the stresses of performing.

  • It helps Kids in later life!

    The opportunities that can come with performing young can be endless. Like Drew Barrymore she was in 'E.T' as a child and now is still acting and has obviously enjoyed it because she is still carrying on with it. Say we define the age as 17 and younger. If you were say... 10 and over you would be able to make that decision yourself. When you say "They don't have the time to go to school and do homework" with the age of 9 and under you hopefully wouldn't have too much homework anyway. Banning it would be banning not only beauty pageants but plays, dances, acting, and also cultural performing. Banning it is just taking out all the fun of a childhood. Performing is fun and the kids enjoy it and it build friendships. The thing is when 'money' comes into it things change. If the greed comes into hand it must be the parents. Nothing can help that unless you ban it altogether but then think of all the other things I said before that you would be banning. If the greed comes on to the stars themselves that's their problem. There body, they can do what they want. So therefore I think they should not ban child Performers.

  • The government has no right to prevent children from doing what they enjoy and are good at.

    On top of this child performers are necessary for certain roles and without them sports like dance and gymnastics would lose valuable future athletes. There are already plenty of laws in place to protect the child performer, such as what their maximum working hours can be. Also, the child can earn money to put towards their post secondary education.

  • No, child performing is a unique educational opportunity.

    No, a child performer does not necessarily lose out on education, any more than any other child. Many children are neglected in education; most are not child performers. Rather, child performers have a unique opportunity to learn through their special gifts and endeavors, and are to be encouraged. It is the parent's responsibility to see to the child's education, no matter what the child is doing.

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