Banning mercenary military contractors in Iraqi: Should mercenary military contractors in Iraq be banned?

  • Yes, mercenary military contractors should be banned in Iraq immediately.

    Yes, mercenary military contractors should be immediately banned from Iraq because they do not have the same sense of honor as our military and, as such, cause more damage to civilians, children, and other innocent populations. While these casualties may still occur while only using our military forces, the overall damage done would be far less. Every casualty counts and we should not leave innocent lives in the hands of people who are in it for the money.

  • Mercenary military contractors in Iraq should not be banned.

    Because of the lack of pubic support for the war in Iraq, it is necessary to supplement regular military forces with mercenary workers. These contractors are an important part of the security forces in Iraq. They do not require all the logistical support of a national army, and they can provide important fuctions to support the occupation process.

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