Banning Muslim hijab: Does banning the Hijab help discourage religious fundamentalism?

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  • Banning hijab has nothing to do with fundamentalism

    Hijab is required in the muslim religion. This does not include nikab (face covering). If hijab is banned then other traditional clothing from other religions should be banned too. There is nothing wrong with hijab, it actually protects muslim women. Just because it may not seem normal in other religions/traditions/cultures doesn't mean its wrong. Also, muslim women are not oppressed, if you ask a muslim woman why she wears hijab it because of her choice. If it wasn't then it is not because of the religion, but because of strict parents or religious law imposed by a state, not the religion.

  • It will make the madder

    If you ban a religious thing like that people will only get mad. Most Muslims aren't terrorists and why should they be punished for what some do? Plus what's wrong with hijab It's simple a scarf around a woman's hair. If people can have their pants sat to their knees and show their entire breasts than people can cover their hair..

  • Why only Muslims?

    Banning the Hijab is basically showing that the people who are banning this are scared of a WOMEN just fully covered and what difference does it make in your life if a person chooses to wear it.
    Why are Jews allowed to wear long black hats?
    A women wearing a Hijab stops men from identifying as beautiful so they can cast an evil eye.
    A Hijab is a identity of a Muslim women as a necklace with a cross is a identity of a Christian or a turban is an identity of Sikh Man so why are other religions allowed to wear their own identity and Muslims are not allowed theirs?
    You talk about freedom and rights but where have the rights of Muslims gone do only Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus etc have rights?

  • Bans Feed Fundamentalists

    Banning a hijab is never a good idea. It would be like telling orthodox Jews that they cannot wear Yarmulkes on their head. Every time a form of religious expression is curtailed, it feeds into that religion's sense of persecution and expression. Let Muslim women whear their hijabs if they want to. It's their right.

  • The wearing of a Hijab is separate from religious fundamentalism

    The Hijab is part of the Muslim women's identity. Many wear it because they feel that it is part of their heritage and upbringing, not just on a religious level. It is a tradition and many take pride in wearing the hijab. If it is banned, it leads to isolation of one group. We don't stop other religious groups from wearing traditional garb (Yarmulkes, Mennonites, Amish), so why stop the Muslims?

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