Banning the confederate flag: Cultural value? Is the confederate flag racist?

  • Out-dated and Misguiding, promotes past aggressions.

    All anatomies of American racists are forever being sprayed in hatred for miss treatment, inequality and land rights.
    The fact is that Americans, either African, White or Chinese are not the natives and they insult the nature of America by proclaiming their entitlement to allot themselves as 'native' thus infuriating power struggles within their allocated defunct and sanctions Freedom does not mean a grounds to allow will of violent tendencies to be inflictive or assisted. Wake up America this flag represented the people who slaughtered thousands of Native Americans in order to build outside of tradition, culture and heritage. It shouldn't be used in this modern day society.

  • Although part of a whole, it cannot be separated from the ideas of those who held the Confederate Flag years and years ago.

    I want to start by saying that both the North and South had very different economical situations and lifestyles which is the root of Southern succession. I think you are retorting a comment with facts that are either wrong or irrelevant. Sorry if I offend you.

    The Civil War, the way I reviewed it, was due to two parties (parts of the country) with largely opposing views on a vast majority of issues--coming to a head with the issue of Slavery. With the south prospering in free labor, their economy was able to thrive. Asking them to get rid of free labor would just be irrational to them. They came to America to be free and live their lives the way they want; yet they started a generational tradition of slave trade that was so familiar to them they started to believe it was fair--quite ironic?

    Anyways, the Confederate flag represents the southern states and all their beliefs (which sadly included keeping slavery because it was key to their economic success). Now I am going to put a little transitive theory here and say: If the flag represents all the beliefs of the south during the civil war and one of those beliefs involves pro slavery, then the flag must at least partially represent pro slavery i.e. racist thinking.

    So although the flag doesn't personally represents racism, the beliefs that were held by those who served under that flag were racists by their actions of pro-slavery and thus it is hard to separate the two--the Confederate Flag and Racism.

    While the Flag represents so much, you cannot deny it's ties to racism. And while many believe that the flag solely represents racism, they are also wrong because they are only willing to see from one perspective the long history and story of the Civil War.

    My conclusion: If you place a flag up, you support the people, beliefs, and history of that flag.

    The Nazi flag represents the views, beliefs, and people during the 1930-40s who believed in Hitler's regime. To put that flag up represents your support for their anti-Semitic ideas as well as their belief that Germany should be a strong or THE STRONGEST nation. Do you believe that it is okay to put that flag up anywhere you please?

    When you put up the Confederate Flag, you show your support of the succeeded southern states and all their beliefs and history, which indirectly or directly supports racist thinking. Do you believe that it is okay to put that flag up anywhere you please?

    So yes, I believe the flag is racist and should not be raised, but based on your own life story, you may have more personal ties to the flag (maybe a great great grandfather who fought in the war) that changes your rational thinking into more emotional thinking.

  • It wasn't the flag that inspired the killing of 9 blacks! Why is our president promoting racism and dividing the country?

    Maybe it was the recent events of the black criminal element waging war on police or the constant black protests against anything white or the way the president refers to blacks as his people when really all americans should be his people, just proof he is racist along with the majority of "his ppl" who keep racism alive by constanly hating anything white. Maybe it was these things that influenced that mass murder, maybe it was all the crime blacks commit against whites that inspired the murderer. Whites and blacks are slaughtered daily at an astounding rate by blacks. The flag has nothing to do with it, The flag is a symbol of heritage, the civil war wasn't even about slavery. I think some people need to learn how to read their history books. I think that African americans should just become americans like the rest of us and I think all americans should be the presidents people, Im sick of the race war that has been waged against whites.

  • War of Northern Aggression

    First of all Robert E. Lee was not a slave holder. Lincoln and Grant were slave holders. Secondly their were black people fighting on the Confederate side and were equally paid. However on the Union side black people had to fight to earn as much as the white man. Lastly Robert E. Lee was offered a position in the Union army but declined because he was born in Virginia that's the only reason why he was with the Confederates. And you think the South seceded because they wanted to preserve slavery? Well you would be wrong again because the North put a tariff on the South called "Morrill tarriff". SO next time you want to assume something you should actually research it instead of just spitting out "facts" you learned in your 8th grade history class.

  • States Rights, Not Slavery

    The confederate states rebelled because they were upset that the federal government was taking away their states rights. The majority of the fighters in the confederate army didn't own slaves. 9 out of 10 fighters in the north did own slaves. The confederate flag represents a small federal backbone and separate states governments.

  • Its southern pride

    Its about southern pride and the main reason of the civil war was fought because the south wanted to fight for there god given rights. Thousands of soldiers died for that flag and did so for many reasons and slavery was a small one. We should not ban the flag because that would be like erasing a part of our history.

  • Banning the confederate flag is wrong.

    Banning the confederate flag is wrong. While it may be racist now, it recalls back to a time in history that is important and should be remembered so that it is not repeated. There is also some cultural value, because it is somewhat historical and needs to be preserved so the future can know about the horrors of slavery.

  • Confederate flag is historical.

    The confederate flag is not racist. It is historical. The confederate flag represents the southern states during the Civil War. Although slavery was one issue during these times it was not the only issue nor was it the reason for the war. The main reason for the Civil War was because the southern states wanted to secede from the union. That is what the confederate flag represents.

  • The Confederate Flag is a symbol where we have come from.

    The Confederate is apart of the American history and American culture. It's a reminder to the past mistakes that this nation made. It's something that shouldn't be honored, but it's something that we shouldn't forget. The Confederate flag tells a story. It tells the story of the fight for freedom and the fight for slavery. It tells the story of the nation's darkest hour. If you want to remember the good history you have to remember the bad history as well.

  • The flag is just a historical symbol that doesn't need to be tucked away and forgotten

    The confederate flags are a symbol of a ton of people that died under it. Some chose to many didn't. Many people that died under it have just a flag to mark their grave, no names or anything just one of these flags.

    Both sides lost since over 700,000 American lives is still the biggest death toll of Americans in any war to date. All the war did was force the industrial revolution, tear up the country, and kill citizens. Its the darkest chapter in American history and doesn't need to be forgotten.

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