Banning the confederate flag: Is bearing the confederate flag protected by free speech right?

  • It is rude

    Rude doesn't make it something to ban for freedom of speech. Just because one group says something offends them, Doesn't mean it should be banned when it doesn't offend another group. Just like porn may offend some and not others.
    Black lives matter is a slogan that's said a lot. Why isn't that considered black supremacy? It would be called white supremacy if the slogan were white lives matter. How about just trying to live a life with love toward everyone.

  • GO southern pride

    People think were all just racist because our southern pride but we are not, we just want to show our southern pride and we are aloud to do support it. So if just sit here and let them get feelings hurt soon they will win just because they cry about it but we ant just gonna sit there and let them do that.

  • People need to grow up.

    My rights do not end when someone's feelings are hurt. Just because you get offended by something that is my personal belief, does not mean that you need to get rid of it. It is like if you are religious and do not believe in eating a certain food. You go on ahead and not eat it. However, that does not mean that you should ban it for everyone else based on what your personal belief is.

  • The confederate flag is freedom!

    Yes our constitution which gives us freedom gives us the right to fly the confederate flag high n the sky. Its all about freedom isn't it, isn't that what the blacks want? Freedom and equality? Attacking the confederate flag is an attack on freedom for the entire nation, whites, blacks alike. Why would so many who claim to value freedom try to throw freedom and constitutional rights away?

  • Freedom of speech applies to everyone.

    Although I think the confederate flag is inflammatory,
    freedom of speech should apply to everyone equally. If immigrants are allowed to wear shirts
    bearing the flag of their country of origin, then people from the south should
    be able to bear their confederate flags.
    But, I think that the government shouldn’t support the use of it on
    government buildings or vehicles.

  • Don't tread on me

    For most people in this society the confederate flag is a symbol of southern pride not a symbol for slavery or oppression which is what some people believe. Flying a flag is a way for someone to express themselves and therefore is protected by the constitution and the right should be respected by the people in America.

  • It's a symbol of treason

    The CSA was a rebel nation that seceded from the Union because they wanted to keep slavery legal. The keyword here is REBEL nation, They betrayed the Union in a temper tantrum to continue oppressing and enslaving Africans. People like to say it's just "pride and heritage", Yet there is nothing to be proud of here. It's like being proud of Nazi Germany.

  • It is rude

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