Banning the confederate flag: Is the confederate flag a racist symbol?

  • It's not racist if you want to ignore the facts of the Civil War, and key documents explaining why the South seceded

    Would you call the people who were fighting to preserve enslavement of blacks, racist? The proof that they were fighting to preserve slavery is in each Confederate state's , Cause of Secession, for South Carolina it's listed under their "Immediate Cause of Secession" read those documents and ask again if the Confederate flag is racist. Those documents are of supreme importance because it explains why each state wanted to secede, thus causing the Civil War. There is no getting around it. For further reading, try reading the address vice president of the CSA Alexander Stephen gave in his Cornerstone speech.

  • Well duh of course

    If you think the confederate flag is just a symbol of Southern history and heritage, and you also think it is not a symbol of racism, then you need to learn more about Southern history and heritage.

    The flag of the United States of America symbolizes the values and ideals of our nation as enshrined in the Constitution. Likewise, the confederate flag symbolizes the values and ideals of the Confederate States of America as enshrined in their constitution. I urge you to look up an read the text of the Constitution of the Confederate States of America. You will find that it is very similar to the United States Constitution except for significant alterations is two areas.

    The first area has to with strengthening states’ rights. Ok, fine. However, the other major area of alteration has to do with codifying and strengthening the right to own ***** slaves. For example, Article I Section 9 (4) reads "No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in ***** slaves shall be passed." Also there is Article IV Section 2 (1) "The citizens of each State shall be entitled to all the privileges and immunities of citizens in the several States; and shall have the right of transit and sojourn in any State of this Confederacy, with their slaves and other property; and the right of property in said slaves shall not be thereby impaired."

    In all there are 5 articles in the confederate constitution that strengthen the right to own ***** salves. There are 6 articles strengthening states’ rights. So make no mistake, the confederacy was equally about protecting slavery as it was about protecting states’ rights. Meanwhile, the United States of America adopted the 13th Amendment banning slavery. After the Civil War ended the southern states resisted ratification of the 13th Amendment (and 14th). They had to be forced to ratify in order to regain representation in Congress.

    The confederate flag is indeed a racist symbol.

  • I do believe the confederate flag is detrimental to society.

    The confederate flag is detrimental to society as a whole. The confederate flag represents a very dysmal time within the history of the United States. It represents a secessive part of our nation, and should be considered an unpatriotic symbol. It's connotations with racism are inarguable, and it is very understandable that some would consider this to be a racist symbol.

  • It is a sign of culture not hate.

    In the cival war the south thought that the goverment should have less control. While the north thought otherwise. Besides i think that there where white slaves too. And you must realise the united states put the jappenese people who lived in america into camps just like germany. This could also be considered a dark time in americas history. Some people believe george washington had slaves.

  • It was the US flag that the kkk used as their flag, not the confederate, also union owned most slaves

    Lincoln and grant were slave owners, not lee. The civil war had nothing to do with slavery, grab your history books. The confederate flag isn't racist nor a symbol of racism. I say we ban Obama, he is a symbol of racism as he refers to blacks as his ppl when all americans should b his ppl. 9/10 union soldiers owned slaves, the idiots protesting are protesting the wrong flag. If you want to end racism in America then the blacks need to stop segregating themselves by calling themselves African americans and just become americans like the rest of us. Looking at the current state of Africa im not sure why anybody would want to claim that heritage. The ppl protesting against anything white and white heritage are racists and it is their flag which flys all over the country, the usa flag that was flown by the 9/10 union troops and by Lincoln and grant. Blacks fought for the south willingly, while the blacks who were forced to fight for the north struggled, my how misinformed ppl are. RESEARCH HISTORY!

  • Not a sign of Slavery.

    The Confederate flag is not a sign of slavery. The flag represents a way of life and southern pride. When I see a Confederate I do not see a racist or someone who is pro slavery. I see someone is not afraid to stand up for what they believed in no matter what society thinks of it or what the cultural norm is on that topic. That is what America is founded on. To be able to stand up for your beliefs and have the freedom to talk about them and express them is what our founding fathers wanted for this country. So in conclusion the Confederate Flag should not be banned, instead people should be encouraged to speak and display their beliefs freely even if that means certain people flying a confederate flag and others flying a Union flag.

  • It is not racist

    Calling the confederate flag racist is simply not true. It represents the south not racism. The argument people say is the south owned gobs of slaves... If you do your own research you will find many times that only 4% of the south during the civil war, owned slaves. I won a confederate flag; im not a racist. The main reason the south wanted to brake away is because the north taxed the south for their resources way too much, they wanted less government involvement in their business, and states rights. Therefore, saying the flag is racist is not true, the flag is used to represent their wanted country. If the flag offends you, then you need to consider moving to New York or some other idiotic state. This flag is NOT racist!

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