Barack Obama still liked around the world, survey suggests: Do you 'like' president Obama?

  • President Obama Has Done A Fine Job

    I like President Obama because he led the United States out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. He has worked to significantly lower the unemployment rate, and he authorized the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden. Aside from his policies, President Obama seems like a congenial person, and we should be thankful that he has led our country well for the last eight years.

  • Yes, I like Obama as president of the U.S.

    Living in a neighbouring country, I have watched President Obama's actions with a detached yet interested eye. I find him firm but not unjustly so, relatively open and transparent while still somewhat reserved on a personal level and quite progressive in his values and actions, as evidenced by his healthcare reform. I know that this reform has sparked a lot of debate in the U.S. but I believe its objectives are desirable; implementation might be another story but the concept is sound. Also, he doesn't seem to be too involved in trying to tell other countries how to live and is moderate in his interest for war, which is always a concern for peace-loving people in any country.

  • Yes, President Obama demonstrates admirable grace, dignity, and maturity in the face of overwhelming racism and immaturity.

    President Obama is the best commander-in-chief we've had in decades. He is mature, intelligent, and compassionate, which is no small feat in light of the appalling racism, obstructionism, and overall toxic vitriol he has been forced to endure since taking office. He is the reason I was finally able to get health insurance, his foreign policy is incredible, and he makes wise decisions with knowledge and forethought.

  • There is some disagreement.

    I am republican and I do not support Obama whatsoever(although I do like his personality). I feel like he takes no actions on things that happen in the United States. The opinion of the survey is exactly that, an opinion. Personally I don't feel he is my type of president, moreover the Democratic Party.

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