Barack Obama transfers $500m to Green Climate Fund in attempt to protect Paris deal. Is this undermining Trump?

  • No one can rationally determine this but I do vote Yes

    We all lose sight of the meaning of cash when it comes to such as 500 million dollars worth of it! It does seem to me as if this much cash could fix all the problems of the world. Alas, though, we all lose sight of this much cash and what miracles can be performed with it.

    With that said, my personal belief is that to correct past events relative to managing our environment and inhibit probably future events is not the major reason for transferring this cash.

  • It's not undermining

    Obama is doing everything he can in his final moments to ensure that Trump doesn't completely ruin this country. Obama wants to make sure that the things he has worked so hard for aren't so easily undone my a man who has no business in the Oval Office. This is just one of the many things Obama can do to save us from the despair Trump is sure to inflict.

  • No, Barack Obama's monetary transfer to the Green Climate Fund is not undermining Trump.

    In the last few days of the Obama administration, President Obama has every right to continue to perform actions that he feels are in the best interest of the American people and I'm assuming his large monetary contribution to protect the Paris deal on climate change can be seen as just that.

  • No, it is fully within his right as president.

    No, Barack Obama's actions do not undermine Trump. It is fully within the president's rights to do what Obama did, just as it would be within President Trump's to seek to cancel the deal. The Paris Accord was one of Obama's most important contributions as president, so it only makes sense that he would seek to protect it.

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