• Barack Obama was a much better president than George W. Bush.

    Barack Obama is arguably the best president in the last 30
    years. He has accomplished things that
    no other president has ever accomplished.
    He succeeded where both of the bushes failed by killing Osama Bin
    laden. He also was the first president
    that was able to pass universal healthcare.
    He will go down in history as one of the best presidents of all time.

  • Yes, Barack Obama is a better president than George W. Bush

    Barack Obama faced a tough challenge upon entering office in 2009, inheriting the persisting war efforts championed by the Bush administration, as well as the financial turmoil of the housing market collapse. While one should not fault the Bush administration for responding to the events of September 11, 2001, the response was disproportionate to the cause, and what was sold as a "war against terrorism" or against "weapons of mass destruction" that would be swiftly completed by the largest military force on the planet, ended up being a smokescreen for other interests in the Middle East, and ultimately an occupation of foreign lands that had no end in sight. Barack Obama is not faultless in his handling of the ongoing military efforts, but there has been progress, and at this point, the war effort seems to be on the decline, with troops coming home regularly, and no apparent plan to push any further than we've gone thus far. And as to the financial turmoil, the Obama administration has made strides to ease the pain for the country, reducing unemployment finally to something in the neighborhood of 7%, and reducing overall spending of the government when compared with the Bush years. And this is all without mentioning the recent Affordable Health Care Act, which will provide health care to millions of Americans who otherwise would not qualify for a plan or could not afford one.

  • Obama did a better job than Bush did

    Ok when Obama first came to office he had to handle a lot of things. The Bush administration was the reason for going to the Iraq war which was really dumb. Obama had to help Americans get out of the Recession even though it wasn't even that administrations fault. Obama even reformed health care which is a huge accomplishment. I don't get why Republicans think that Obamacare is bad. Obamacare provides people health care even if they couldn't afford it or had pre existing health conditions. Anyways Bush put those anti taxes which caused Americans to spend more. This was the same pattern before the Great Depression

  • I don't like either, but Bush was actually one of the WORST presidents in the history of America.

    Reasons I don't like Bush:
    The Iraq War (the most pointless conflict of our time).
    The No Child Left Behind Act.
    His vacation time! It's so funny when people complain about Obama and his vacations when Bush was off at some resort every other week! He had over 1200 days of vacation time, so more than a third of his time in office was spent not doing his job.
    The national debt doubled under him.
    He stole the 2000 election from Al Gore.
    His environmental record.
    Catered to religion instead of his country.
    Poverty increased by almost 30%.
    Cut veteran's healthcare funding.
    Completely obliterated reproductive rights.
    9/11/01 and its entire aftermath.
    Liked the death penalty too much--I mean I'm for it, but wow.
    The Patriot Act.
    Screwed up foreign affairs.
    The national deficit skyrocketed.
    The job market suffered.

    And much, much more.

  • Obama better than Bush

    Bush, Worst President in living memory. Behaved like a dictator with his henchmen, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Do you remember Colin Powell? Given false information to provide to the U.N. for the unwarranted attack on Iraq. He was the only person in the administration that I could respect and he lost his credibility and soon disappeared from public view.
    Weapons of Mass Destruction, not discovered, but we have them by the thousands. Should we be invaded? Legal due process? Guantanamo for those arrested and never charged. Siberia of the South run by the USA.
    Abu Ghraib; showing the respect Americans have for those they have absolute control over. Remember George's Attorney General? Remember the Neo- Cons and their failed philosophy. Did you get your free oil the Iraqi people were going to provide for their liberation.
    What do you get when you destabilize a country divided into tribal religious groups; you get chaos and the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people including your own troops. Bush and his regime have the blood of all the dead and injured on their hands and in the end, for what? The financial disaster and the disrobing of the emperor of the FED, Allen Greenspan who was shown to be less of an oracle and more of a master of obfuscation. Wall Street running the Treasury, perfect if you are guilty of criminal negligence and misrepresenting investments and prefer billions in bailouts vs going to jail. Thank you Goldman Sachs, et al. Thank you G. Bush for showing everyone, once again, that violence and the use of overwhelming force, "Shock and Awe" , is always the best choice of the incompetent. What an abysmally sad chapter in our country's history but hey, interest rates are nice and low, so let's go shopping.

  • Obama passed healthcare reform

    Healthcare reform was his biggest accomplishment. He ended the wars Bush started and reversed anti-progress tax cuts. Another accomplishment was fixing the economy Bush broke. Republicans tend to BE the problem in America. As we find Rick Perry's mugshot I hope it becomes self evident that while democrats are basically moderate republicans, they look out for their people.

  • Yes, Barack Obama.

    George Bush is the worst president of my lifetime. Barack Obama has given every citizen a path to health insurance. This is going to make him one of the most famous presidents ever in fifty years. George Bush has two failed wars as his legacy. He did nothing but waste our money.

  • Obama is far wose

    For starters, Obama's administration has had more scandals than any other presidency: Benghazi, VA, IRS, NSA, etc. He also has no respect for the constitution as he constantly violates it by overreaching his executive power by passing bills and doing other things without congressional approval. Not to mention he doesn't respect the Bill of Rights as he continually tries to force private and religious business owners with religious objections to the HHS Mandate that forces them to pay for contraceptives that violate their deeply help religious beliefs and conscience.

  • George W. Bush is preferable to Obama

    Barack Obama has led this country worse than any other president. Sure, he has given health care insurance, but at a cost that people can't afford, and while doing so flagrantly broke his "If you like your plan you can keep it" promise. He has allowed the breaking of the second amendment and takes away liberties from people, for instance the NSA. He has killed Americans on American soil, lost many allies in the Middle East and Europe, allowed Russia to make us look like fools and become the dominate power. He promised to make Syria to give up its nuclear arms, and then let them go on ahead making them. The reason unemployment is down is because people aren't looking for work anymore thanks to welfare. Those people aren't counted as unemployed, since they aren't even looking for work. He has greatly expanded said welfare, which is socialistic at its core, which will destroy America, and has increased spending of the government

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