Based on the bible, does the Christian God demonstrate serious mental illness

Asked by: gieleno
  • Based On Scripture

    Just based on the Bible and psychiatry, I believe that Yahweh (the Christian God) has Histrionic Personality Disorder and Bipolar disorder. He commands that everyone must pray and believe in Him, and punishes people who doesn't. Let's go through the symptoms of both. HPD: Feeling uncomfortable when not in the center of attention (Exodus 34:14), sexual behavior (Genesis 1:28), shifting emotions, using appearances to get attention (Jesus Christ), speech that lacks details (look at God's dialogue), exaggerated expression of emotions (Genesis 7 and Romans 1:18), and considers relationships to be more intimate than reality (John 3:16). Bipolar: Narcissism (center of attention), Decreased sleep (He only slept after 144 hours Genesis 2:2), Increased goal-directed activities and agitation (Creating and running the planet and God's Wrath), Doing things that are unusual and that have a high potential for painful consequences (Genesis 2:17, placing a tree in a the garden even though he knows they will eat from it).

  • God is a whack job!

    Anyone heard of the Westboro Baptist Church? If you think they show signs of serious mental illness, then you also agree that God does. I would argue that the WBC has got the Bible right, and they are the true Christians according to scripture.

    Anyone think Muslims show signs of serious mental illness? If so, then you believe that the god of the Bible is mentally ill because they follow in his ideas. And yes, Muslims believe in, and pray to, the God df the Bible.

  • Very much so.

    We see several serious mental conditions when we look at the actions of the bible's god. He is clearly a sociopath as he has remorse (excluding him being a psychopath) but he still commits and condones genocide and murder due to race and other characteristics. We also see quite a paranoid control freak in this god as he controls and changes people to suit his own goals (such as the story when he gave humanity languages to prevent them building to heaven) And from a modern perspective of gods lack of action, we see quite an anti-social anarchist. He apparently gives free will in the hope the good will be saved but lets people run around, killing mercilessly without intervention. One would wonder if he enjoys the world, like a game of Sims or Monopoly, to watch stupid humans fumble for salvation.

  • A complete misunderstanding of scripture

    If you believe that what is recorded in the Bible demonstrates mental illness on God's part, you have utterly failed to understand God and what he is trying to teach us through the Bible. God's purpose is the salvation of man, a clear understanding of how he plans to carry out that salvation is needed to understand his actions as recorded in the Bible. Unfortunately, there is not enough space here to help you in understanding God's plan, I suggest personal investigation on your part.

  • Of course not.

    First of all, your argument makes 0 sense because the question was not about the "Westboro Baptist Church" Every religion will have crazy people. People are crazy. God is a just God, a loving God, a feared God. People are the crazy ones. And i would love to see where God condones genocide and murder? There is a God and there is Devil. Of course there is ,murder. Murder will continue to get worse until God defeats Satan and he is thrown in the lake of fire

    read something
    talk to him
    dont just talk

  • Seriously!?! Where did you come up with this?!?

    How did you think of this? Where has it ever said this? How is this supported. There is no proof it's all just a theory. God is real, but where does it say he has a mental illness!?! Humanity has started to get less smart lets see now who has a mental illness.

  • Where did this idea come from?

    Where in the Bible does it even hint toward that idea? Is there anywhere that suggest that God is not in control? Anywhere that suggest that God does not know what he is doing? If anything the Bible tells us that humanity has the mental disorder. And that disorder is getting worse.

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