Based upon recent comments, should Jonathan Papelbon request to be traded from the Philadelphia Phillies?

  • Nobody wants to be known as a disappointment: Why the Phillies should Papelbon be traded

    Jonathan Papelbon's tenure with the Philadelphia Phillies has been a disappointment. 2014 was a good year, but he was not worth the fifty million dollar contract he was given.Papelbon also has publicly expressed that he does not feel like he is part of this organization, and he admits to wanting to be play for the Red Sox. The Phillies do not need to pay all of that money for someone who doesn't want to be there.

  • Yes, but only if Boston is an option.

    Jonathan Papelbon has expressed recently that he misses his hometown of Boston, MA. If you recall, he's also had a bit of trouble adjusting to his new team. One only has to pickup a psychology textbook to infer that his "acting out" may be directly related to homesickness. Shipping back up to Boston seems like the best solution for all involved.

  • Papelbon should seek trade

    Jonathan Papelbon recently told the media that he has not yet become comfortable in a Phillies uniform. Whether he is disgruntled by how the organization is run compared to his former team, the Red Sox, it is clear that there has been mutual animosity between the pitcher and the fans of this city. Papelbon is still a good closer and has significant value on the trade market. He should seek a trade to another team that is more competitive.

  • Jonathan Papelbon should not be traded

    Jonathan Papelbon is an extraordinary closing pitcher. His ability to pitch at "extraordinary velocity" and to throw a "deceptive breaking ball" late in a game when the opposing hitters are fatigued and perhaps not playing at their sharpest and with their most acute ability (as they would be early in a baseball game) make him a valuable asset to any major league team. Papelbon should not request to be traded. He should continue to contribute to his present team, the Philadelphia Phillies

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