• It depends on the flight.

    There are still free airline conveniences, but people are allowed to choose what they want. Rather than raising prices, the airlines decided only to raise prices on people who want to check bags and people that want to buy food. People still get things to read on long flights, and television and food.

  • No, they are now all paid for

    Air travel has changed a lot over time, and now we are in the times of super low-cost flights. Inevitably though you don't get much for your money. You can't expect to pay for basic economy tickets and get anything more than a seat. You get what you pay for in this world.

  • Airlines are concerned with maximising profits.

    Almost all airlines have moved to remove all free conveniences in recent years. This is because the example of Ryanair and similar companies has taught them that people are willing to pay additional charges for certain conveniences in the air and some will be happy to go without complimentary conveniences. This is now one of the primary ways that airlines maximise their profits.

  • No, There are no "Free" Airline Conveniences.

    No, there are no "free" airline conveniences. Every snack or meal they give out on the flight is already built into the price of the ticket, and now that some airlines are even charging for the use of the overhead luggage racks even services many people thought were complimentary are being monetized.

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