Basketball coach Pat Summitt died at 64. Will her legacy be as a woman's pioneer in sports?

  • Yes she will

    Pat Summitt, who won more games than anyone in college basketball history, man or woman, died early Tuesday, five years since being diagnosed with early onset dementia in the form of Alzheimer’s. She was 64. She will definitely be known as pioneer for women in sports. We should lead by her example.

  • Pat Summitt left behind an incredible

    Women's basketball coach Pat Summitt died recently as a result of complications from Alzheimer's disease. There was an outpouring of grief following this news - and justifiably so. Summitt was a pioneering coach who broke the glass ceiling in the world of sports and created a space where female athletes could be respected.

  • A Pioneer and So Much More

    Basketball coach Pat Summitt will be remembered as a women's pioneer in sports, for her wins at the University of Tennessee and at the Olympics. However, she will be remembered for so much more-- for her support for her athletes on and off the field, for her strength and courage, and for her foundation work to help others with dementia.

  • She has a phenomenal legacy

    It is sad that Pat Summitt succumbed to her Alzheimer's disease so soon. She was only 64 for goodness sakes. Even though she left us way too soon she has a phenomenal legacy of excellence that will carry on forever. Her true legacy of discipline and excellence will manifest through the young athlete's lives that she's touched over the years. In the grand scheme of things it is not how many games you win but how many lives you have changed for the better and she has touched many. Good job coach. Rest in peace.

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